fix git provider checkout of a remote ref on an existing repo
[puppet_vcsrepo.git] / spec / unit / puppet / provider / vcsrepo / git_spec.rb
2013-07-17 Joshua Hoblittfix git provider checkout of a remote ref on an existin...
2013-07-15 Aaron StoneFix git tests broken by dcd0d14
2013-07-13 Aaron StoneMerge pull request #40 from ajohnstone/master
2013-03-18 Ben FordMerge pull request #59 from binford2k/clone_as_non...
2013-03-12 Ben FordMerge pull request #56 from raphink/git_update_origin
2013-03-06 Raphaël PinsonUpdate origin if necessary before checking revision
2012-10-31 Gary LarizzaMerge pull request #35 from sodabrew/dummy-provider
2012-10-19 Aaron StoneMerge branch 'master' into dummy-provider
2012-10-19 Aaron StoneUse symbols consistently with provider.expects()
2012-10-19 Aaron StoneRemove excess whitespace.
2012-10-19 Aaron StoneUpdate tests to match current code.
2012-10-19 Aaron StoneGet the specs running under bundler.
2010-03-18 Bruce WilliamsSupport different create and revision= operations depen...
2010-03-18 Bruce WilliamsAdd submodule support to git provider
2010-03-18 Bruce WilliamsMove support file
2010-03-18 Bruce WilliamsFix bad context nesting
2010-03-18 Bruce WilliamsRename methods context_with(out)? => context_with\1_res...
2010-03-18 Bruce WilliamsSubversion to use provider example group API for specs
2010-03-18 Bruce WilliamsFurther condense provider example group API, update...
2010-03-18 Bruce WilliamsBuild ProviderExampleGroup for refactored provider...
2010-03-15 Bruce Williamsensure = latest to support reference tracking.\n\nWorki...
2010-03-13 Bruce WilliamsSome fixes after live testing, add support for bare...
2010-03-13 Bruce WilliamsConvert bare repos to working copy repos and vice-versa
2010-03-13 Bruce WilliamsTests for Git revision property, cleanup
2010-03-13 Bruce WilliamsBasic tests for git provider, stub for svn provider