Merge pull request #12 from webfactory/fix_9083
[puppet_vcsrepo.git] / lib / puppet / provider / vcsrepo / svn.rb
2011-11-12 James TurnbullMerge pull request #12 from webfactory/fix_9083
2011-11-03 Ken BarberMerge pull request #9 from webfactory/topic_optional_co...
2011-11-02 Matthias PigullaFix (#10440) by making all commands optional
2011-08-29 James TurnbullFixed Bug #9219 - vcsrepo updates too often
2011-08-18 NibalizerMerge pull request #6 from justintime/svn-basic-auth
2011-08-17 Daniel PittmanMerge pull request #5 from justintime/svn-update_owner
2011-08-17 Justin EllisonAdding in missing support for owner and group properties.
2011-08-17 Justin EllisonAdding basic_auth feature and adding --non-interactive...
2010-09-13 James TurnbullMerge branch 'master' of git://
2010-09-13 James TurnbullFixed bomb out with an error concerning working_copy_ex...
2010-07-21 mikeknoxWhen ensure => latest, svn didn't update.
2010-03-18 Bruce WilliamsSubversion to use provider example group API for specs
2010-03-15 Bruce Williamsensure = latest to support reference tracking.\n\nWorki...
2010-03-15 Bruce Williamsfilesystem_type feature (for svn's --fstype)
2010-03-13 Bruce WilliamsBasic Mercurial support
2010-03-13 Bruce WilliamsRefactor common bits to abstract provider superclass
2010-03-13 Bruce WilliamsBasic CVS support
2010-03-13 Bruce WilliamsSome fixes after live testing, add support for bare...
2010-03-13 Bruce WilliamsTests for Git revision property, cleanup
2010-03-13 Bruce WilliamsBasic SVN provider