2015-10-09 LeLutinMerge branch 'fix_purge_sshkey_param' into 'master' master
2015-06-04 Jerome CharaouiFix user::managed for earlier (<3.6) puppet agents
2015-06-03 Jerome CharaouiMerge branch 'master' of git://git.puppet.immerda.ch...
2015-04-17 Micah AndersonAdd GPLv3 license
2015-02-14 mhlinting + purge_ssh_keys param
2014-05-12 trchange char to us-ascii
2012-06-05 mhnew style for 2.7
2012-02-12 mhmake the require explicit via include
2011-12-28 mhfix typo
2011-12-28 mhallow to set allowdupe
2011-10-08 mhuse new stdlib function
2011-07-21 mhfix adding user on empty group
2011-05-24 mhfixing adding user to an empty group based on watzmann...
2011-02-14 mhfix typo
2011-02-14 mhimprove some resource management
2010-12-23 Marcel Haerryadjust mkpasswd function to use plain ruby method,...
2010-12-22 Philipp Gassmannrename according to package name
2010-12-22 Philipp Gassmannfix ruby::libshadow usage
2010-07-05 mhavoid dependency loop
2010-07-05 mhfix order of group removing
2010-05-20 mhadd a define to manage users in groups
2010-02-23 mhget the order right
2010-01-29 mhMerge commit 'lavamin/master'
2009-12-28 Jerome Charaouiadd $homedir option to sftponly user
2009-12-28 mhget the ordering right dependenant on the system
2009-12-18 mhfix typo
2009-11-14 mhdon't end dir with /
2009-10-31 mhmove plugin directory to fit new 0.25 style
2009-10-21 mhremove the group AFTER we removed the user
2009-10-20 mhmax length is on both systems 31
2009-10-02 mhremove the group on all systems
2009-05-25 mhfixed copy&paste error
2009-05-25 mhremove obsolete import
2009-05-25 mhfactored everything in it's own file
2009-04-30 mhopenbsds don't allow names longer than 31
2009-04-30 mhadded length check to usernames
2009-04-30 mhon linux systems we don't need to remove the primary...
2009-03-12 mhfixed some logic
2009-03-12 mhused the new language constructs to make it a lot more...
2009-03-12 mhpass ensure really everywhere
2009-03-07 mhadded missing bracket
2009-03-07 mhwe can no set a user absent and cleaning everything up
2009-01-08 mhif no uid is supplied we can't manage the group itself
2009-01-07 mhsome whitespaces cleanup
2008-12-05 mhfixed typo
2008-12-05 mhadjusted to boolean usage
2008-12-05 mhmerged with puzzle
2008-12-02 mhoptionaly disable group managing
2008-12-01 mhtemporary removing this require
2008-12-01 mhwe should not use action verbs in names, managed is...
2008-12-01 mhadjusted docu
2008-11-22 mhrequire group only if we do the group
2008-11-22 mhif we set now the gid of the user to its gid, we need...
2008-11-22 mhsftponly starts new with gid 10000
2008-11-22 mhuse correct variablename
2008-11-22 mhfixing some regression from the last change
2008-11-22 mhrearranged things so that the gid can automatically...
2008-11-09 mhenable possibility to set uid and gid
2008-11-08 mhwe can only manage crypted passwords -> added a python...
2008-11-08 mhtrying to fix to set the password the first time
2008-11-07 mhfixing escape sequence
2008-10-25 mhadded some doku
2008-10-25 mhenhanced user with advanced password management stuff
2008-10-25 mhmove function to the better place
2008-10-25 mhadded a generate password function
2008-10-20 mhfixed comment for user, should be one string
2008-10-20 mhadded define to manage sftponly users
2008-10-20 mhrefactored defines into defines.pp
2008-10-20 mhrefactored defines into defines.pp
2008-10-20 mhfixing calling param
2008-10-20 mhfixing definition
2008-10-20 mhfix sshkey naming stuff
2008-10-20 mhmerged with puzzle
2008-10-20 mhbetter approach with empty array thand undef
2008-10-19 mhadding membership management to groups
2008-10-10 mhno need for this class
2008-10-06 mhthis require for adding a user is wrong
2008-10-06 mhbefore should be depending if there is really an ssh_ke...
2008-10-06 mhfixed typo
2008-10-06 mhintroduce some dependencies, manage home now by usertyp...
2008-10-04 mhfix typo
2008-10-04 mhmade mode of home_dir tuneable, fixed setting for root...
2008-10-01 mhssh_key is now using a classname
2008-09-29 mhadded open bsd defaults class
2008-02-29 mhfixed refactoring trash
2008-01-11 mhremoved module_dirs
2008-01-11 mhadded modules_dir as well a skeleton module
2008-01-04 mhtry to fix root
2008-01-04 mhtry to fix root
2008-01-04 mhtry to fix root
2008-01-04 mhtry to fix root
2008-01-03 mhfixed typo
2008-01-03 mhfixed typo
2008-01-03 mhfixed typo
2008-01-03 mhfixed behaviour for root ssh_keys
2008-01-03 mhfixed typo
2008-01-03 mhfixed typo
2008-01-03 mhenabled shell setting, factered out default screenrc...
2008-01-02 mhfxed typo
2008-01-02 mhfixed userpath