Adding fake_namevars for unmanaged user spec lines. Fixed some issues with comments...
[puppet_sudo.git] / tests /
2010-06-02 Dan Bodeplaying around with sudoers in classes
2010-06-02 Dan Boderest of the tests that I moved.
2010-06-02 Dan BodeCommitting all of the tests that I ran to validate...
2010-04-13 Dan Bodefixed test file to test sudo defines
2010-04-13 Dan Bodeexample for using wrapper types
2010-04-06 Dan Bodeadded file that tests three distinct sudoers types
2010-03-23 Dan Bodeminor changes to tests
2010-03-16 Dan Bodenew test to ensure that users cant be named defaults
2010-03-16 Dan Bodeminor changes to tests
2010-03-16 Dan Bodemore test manifests
2010-03-16 Dan Bodeupdated documentation, added more tests
2010-03-16 Dan Bodefirst version ready for testing
2010-03-12 Dan Bodefixed most issues, getting close to a release
2010-03-12 Dan Bodebefore I make massive switches tp namevar for user...
2010-03-12 Dan Bodestill developing
2010-03-12 rootFirst commit for sudoers module.