Adding fake_namevars for unmanaged user spec lines. Fixed some issues with comments...
[puppet_sudo.git] / README
2010-06-02 Dan Bodelatest version of README
2010-03-16 Dan Bodeminor edits to the README
2010-03-16 Dan Bodeupdated README, fails now if user is named Defaults...
2010-03-16 Dan Bodechecked that there are no users named defaults
2010-03-16 Dan Bodeupdated README
2010-03-16 Dan Bodelast commits before ALPHA release
2010-03-16 Dan BodeFIXED README, labeled as usable, split KNOWN ISSUES...
2010-03-16 Dan Bodeupdated documentation, added more tests
2010-03-16 Dan Bodefirst version ready for testing
2010-03-12 rootFirst commit for sudoers module.