adjust module_dir
[puppet_squid.git] / manifests /
2010-05-09 mhadjust module_dir
2009-11-14 mhupdate to 0.25.x style
2009-11-01 mhupdate file path to new 0.25 style
2009-04-16 mhsquid_efficiency plugin uses nc
2009-02-21 mhcorrect source
2009-01-26 mhusing the correct munin define
2008-07-27 mhadded rpm notice
2008-07-24 mhwe now let run a normal squid on, so...
2008-07-24 mhadded sysconfig for squid
2008-07-19 mhadded munin options
2008-07-19 mhfactored out munin plugin
2008-05-11 mhfixed config source, added munin plugins
2008-04-24 mhrefactored securefile and squid class, made it more...
2008-04-24 mhunified fileserver location, in the future the fileserv...
2008-04-04 mhadded correct source
2008-02-04 andreasdefine fehlte
2008-02-04 andreas* div. configs
2008-01-30 mhrearranged some stuff
2008-01-28 andreasconf files von den xens