2011-04-06 mhadd xmpp4r gem
2010-04-27 mhadd some rubygems, add dep to tlsmail for mail for...
2010-04-25 mhadd some gems
2009-12-13 mhfix inclusion
2009-12-13 mhadd new gems
2009-12-13 mhuse new require function to get rid of additional depen...
2009-10-31 mhfixing includes
2009-06-11 mhinstall highline by package
2009-05-29 mhrather use package
2009-05-29 mhfix typo
2009-05-29 mhfinally added rubygems sqlite
2009-05-28 mhadded sqlite rubygem
2009-05-28 mhcorrect filenaming
2009-05-28 mhadded a bunch of rubygems
2009-05-14 mhfixing class lookup
2009-05-14 mhwe need rubygems as well there
2009-05-14 mhwe need rubygems as well
2009-05-14 mhadded devel class
2009-05-14 mhonly include devel things where needed
2009-05-14 mhmake ruby-devel a dependecy
2009-05-14 mhadded gpgme, highline and tmail gem
2008-06-13 mhMerge commit 'puzzle/development'
2008-05-29 mhremoved placeholder
2008-05-29 mhMerge commit 'github/master'
2008-05-29 mhadded from puzzle
2008-05-29 mhadded new modules