2010-09-29 Juerg Gerberadded some classes for gems
2010-09-28 Marcel Haerryalso require gcc when we have buildflags
2010-09-28 Marcel Haerryadjust missing classes
2010-09-28 Marcel Haerrymerge brokengem and package define to one together
2010-09-28 Marcel Haerryimprove brokengem define to accept also buildflags...
2010-09-21 Juerg Gerberadded requiresgcc parameter
2010-04-22 Simon Josifix typo
2010-04-22 Simon Josiadd pg-ruby gem
2010-04-19 Simon Josiadd package define
2010-03-29 Simon Josisource code style
2008-10-17 Simon Josicosmetics
2008-10-17 Simon Josiuse brokengem for fatercsv
2008-10-17 Simon Josicosmetics
2008-10-16 Simon Josifix name
2008-10-16 Simon JosiMerge branch 'development' of ssh://sjosi@puppet.puzzle...
2008-10-16 Simon Josiadd fastercsv rubygems
2008-10-16 Simon Josiadd fastercsv rubygems
2008-10-16 Simon Josifix typo
2008-10-15 Simon Josiadd mysql-gem and mysql-devel
2008-10-15 Marcel Haerryinit of gems package install wrapper
2008-07-22 Marcel Haerryremoved placeholder
2008-05-29 Simon Josiadded puzzle copyright notice
2008-05-19 Marcel Haerrymerged with lak
2008-05-19 Marcel Haerryempty module $MODULENAME
2007-08-17 Luke KaniesConverting from Mercurial to Git