2008-10-06 mhonly check if it is really needed
2008-10-06 mhfixed typo
2008-10-06 mhthrow away the defaulting immerda specific variables...
2008-07-22 mhremoved placeholder
2008-06-13 mhmerged with puzzle
2008-04-28 mhremoved debug statement
2008-04-28 mhfixed debug statement, now correct output
2008-04-28 mhadded debug statement
2008-04-28 andreasresolv.conf generation for all the config::immerda...
2008-04-28 andreastypo
2008-04-28 andreasnameservers now as string with ":" as delimiter
2008-04-28 andreaserror in resolv.conf template
2008-03-10 andreasumwandlung in class, und def. von variablen
2008-03-10 andreasresolv.conf für immer1-6
2008-03-10 andreasnew module to create resolv.conf