fix missing comma
[puppet_reprepro.git] / manifests /
2013-02-13 Micah Andersonfix missing comma master
2013-02-13 Micah Andersonadd customizable incoming source
2013-02-13 Micah Andersonadd $incoming_source variable to allow for customizing... add_customizable_incoming
2013-02-13 Micah AndersonMerge branch 'add_customizable_distributions' into...
2013-02-13 Micah Andersonadd possibility to have a customizable distributions... add_customizable_distributions
2013-02-13 Micah AndersonMerge branch 'add_customizable_index' into leap
2013-02-13 Micah Andersonadd the ability to have a customized index.html add_customizable_index
2013-02-13 Micah AndersonMerge branch 'fix_missingdependency' into leap
2013-02-13 Micah AndersonMerge branch 'add_secringsource' into leap
2013-02-13 Micah AndersonMerge branch 'add_signwith' into leap
2013-02-13 Micah AndersonMerge branch 'lint' into leap
2013-02-13 Micah AndersonMerge branch 'master' into leap
2013-02-13 Micah Andersonadd a service dependency on the reprepro package, witho... fix_missingdependency
2013-02-13 Micah Andersonadd a $secring_source parameter to allow for specifying... add_secringsource
2013-02-13 Micah Andersonmake Signwith configurable, defaulting to the previous... add_signwith
2013-02-13 Micah Andersonlint current state of the module lint
2013-02-13 Micah AndersonMerge remote-tracking branch 'koumbit/multi_repo_support'
2013-02-09 varacnow we can use a local index.html template
2013-02-07 Micah Andersonfix typo from previous commit
2013-02-07 Micah Andersonadd a $secring_source parameter to allow for specifying...
2013-02-06 Micah AndersonRevert "add a service dependency on the reprepro packag...
2013-02-06 Micah Andersonadd a service dependency on the reprepro package, witho...
2013-02-06 Micah Andersonmake Signwith optional, defaulting to the previous...
2013-02-06 Micah Andersonmissed a couple lints in previous commit
2013-02-06 Micah Andersonlinting the module
2013-02-06 Micah AndersonMerge branch 'master' into leap
2013-01-08 Antoine BeaupréRevert "make sure the user belongs to the right group...
2013-01-08 Antoine Beaupréreprepro shouldn't be able to write to uploaders
2013-01-08 Antoine Beauprémake sure the user belongs to the right group if we...
2013-01-08 Antoine Beaupréreally remove inotify class
2013-01-08 Antoine BeaupréMerge branch 'master' into multi_repo_support
2013-01-08 Antoine BeaupréMerge branch 'master' into multi_repo_support
2013-01-07 Antoine Beaupréget rid of the inotify class as this was failing if...
2013-01-07 Antoine Beauprémake the user/group customizable per repository
2013-01-07 Antoine Beauprésplit all resources in their own files
2013-01-07 Antoine Beauprémove parametrized class elements into a define to suppo...
2013-01-07 Antoine Beauprémake architecture list configurable
2013-01-07 Antoine Beaupréfix syntax error under 2.6
2013-01-07 Antoine BeaupréMerge remote branch 'intrigeri/master' into dev
2012-11-03 Tails developersAdd support for status in initscript
2012-11-03 Tails developersEnsure that 'ensure' is the first attribute
2012-11-03 Tails developersGroup related exec and file resources
2012-11-03 Tails developersDefine each file and exec resources separately
2012-11-03 Tails developersUse recommanded style for file modes
2012-11-03 intrigeriHave Puppet check mandatory class parameter is passed...
2012-10-25 Tails developersRemove useless $server from file sources
2012-10-25 Tails developersProcessing the incoming queue requires the directory...
2012-10-25 Tails developersReduce duplication by using defaults for File resources
2012-10-25 Tails developersConvert the reprepro class to parametrized format
2012-10-25 Tails developersDon't setup init script manually
2012-10-25 Tails developersSplit reprepro::cron and reprepro::inotify to separate...
2012-10-25 Tails developersDo not enforce permissions when manage_incoming_conf...
2012-10-25 Tails developersLeave more control to users when conf/distributions...
2012-10-23 Tails developersDrop support for the venerable etch
2012-10-23 intrigeriMake basedir permissions configurable with $reprepro_ba...
2012-08-09 varacuse in distributions.erb
2012-07-02 intrigeriMerge branch 'export-no-need-for-refreshonly'
2012-07-02 intrigeriDrop useless refreshonly for resource that already...
2012-07-02 intrigeriMerge branch 'improve-pubkey-export'
2012-07-02 intrigeriMerge branch 'improve-pubkey-export'
2012-02-04 intrigeriAllow opting-out of conf/incoming's and conf/distributi...
2012-01-31 intrigeriInstall inoticoming from reprepro::inotify only.
2012-01-31 intrigeriAdd $reprepro_incoming_mode variable.
2011-06-22 Antoine Beauprefix startup script pattern
2011-06-22 Antoine Beaupreput cron in a separate class
2011-06-22 Antoine Beaupreadd inotify class to start reprepro watcher on boot
2011-06-22 Antoine Beaupremake repository origin customizeable
2011-06-22 Antoine Beaupremake incoming directory writable by all
2010-05-09 Silvio RhattoSubscribing reprepro-export-key to .gnupg/secring.gpg
2010-05-09 Silvio RhattoTrying to sort out why reprepro-export-key is not worki...
2010-05-09 Silvio RhattoGpg folder permissions
2010-05-09 Silvio RhattoTrying without refreshonly
2010-05-09 Silvio RhattoExecuting /usr/local/bin/reprepro-export-key with refre...
2010-05-09 Silvio RhattoChecking if reprepro group is defined
2010-05-09 Silvio RhattoAdding /usr/local/bin/reprepro-export-key
2010-05-09 Silvio RhattoUsing cut instead of awk for gpg export
2010-05-08 Silvio RhattoMinor fixes
2010-05-08 Silvio RhattoOmmiting hour at cron setup
2010-05-08 Silvio RhattoChecking for $reprepro_uploaders
2010-05-08 Silvio RhattoUsing templates instead of plain config files, adding...
2009-10-24 Antoine Beaupretake into account versions post etch
2009-08-04 Antoine Beaupremake cronjob silent
2009-06-24 Antoine Beaupretry to fix key export
2009-06-24 Antoine Beauprecreate the Packages file when the distributions file...
2009-06-24 Antoine Beaupremake the README an HTML file because we don't allow...
2009-06-24 Antoine Beaupreadd lighttpd support
2009-06-24 Antoine Beaupreadd cronjob, fix pgp key publishing
2009-06-24 Antoine Beauprecreate the gnupg signature in key.asc so people can...
2009-06-24 Antoine Beauprecreate a reprepro user, createsymlinks when distros...
2009-06-24 Antoine Beaupreinitial paste from micah