remove distribution codenames
[puppet_reprepro.git] / templates / distributions.erb
2013-01-08 Antoine Beaupréremove distribution codenames
2013-01-08 Antoine Beaupréremove lenny/oldstable
2013-01-07 Antoine Beauprékill last remains of etch
2013-01-07 Silvio RhattoRemoving files/uploaders-sid
2013-01-07 Antoine Beauprémake architecture list configurable
2013-01-07 Antoine BeaupréMerge remote branch 'intrigeri/master' into dev
2012-10-25 Tails developersAdd warnings for file that are managed by Puppet
2012-10-25 Tails developersConvert the reprepro class to parametrized format
2012-10-23 Tails developersRefer to variables using Ruby instance variables in...
2012-07-02 intrigeriMerge branch 'export-no-need-for-refreshonly'
2012-07-02 intrigeriMerge branch 'improve-pubkey-export'
2012-07-02 intrigeriMerge branch 'improve-pubkey-export'
2012-01-31 intrigeriMake distributions template not specific to Koumbit.
2011-06-22 Antoine Beaupremake repository origin customizeable
2011-06-22 Antoine Beaupreupgrade to wheezy, add pulls
2011-05-09 Silvio RhattoUpdating distributions
2010-05-08 Silvio RhattoUsing templates instead of plain config files, adding...