2010-11-23 Marcel Haerryadd another extension
2010-11-23 Marcel Haerryfix naming
2010-11-23 Marcel Haerryadd some extensions
2010-11-16 Marcel Haerryadd some additional extensions
2010-11-16 Marcel Haerryadding more extensions, removing some not needed/existing
2010-11-16 Marcel Haerryadd a bunch of extensions that are required for bugzilla
2010-11-16 Marcel Haerryadd imagemagick extension
2010-11-16 Marcel Haerrymake define easier
2010-11-16 Marcel Haerrybetter naming
2010-11-16 Marcel Haerryadd xml-parser extension
2010-09-17 mhrefactor perl module, add speedycgi extenstion
2009-04-08 andreasdavical install
2009-02-18 mhcorrect naming
2009-02-18 andreasimap simple ssl module for perl
2009-02-18 andreasperl bsd-resource module
2008-11-16 mhadded extensions for twiki
2008-11-16 mhmerged with puzzle
2008-10-27 mhcleaned up module
2008-08-07 andreasmodules included in package perl
2008-03-23 mhimproved skeleton
2008-03-09 mhfixed some default things
2008-03-09 mhadded a new dependecy
2008-03-09 mhadded conf.d definition
2008-03-09 mhfixed dependencies
2008-03-09 mhnew skeleton and module build up way
2008-01-11 andreasmodules_dir nicht nötig
2008-01-11 mhadded modules_dir as well a skeleton module