2012-06-18 mhif it's * it should be collected by fqdn otherwise...
2012-06-13 mhmigrate away from hiera stuff
2012-06-10 mhconfig for df
2012-06-10 mhuse class parameters
2012-06-08 mhrefactor things for >2.7
2012-06-05 mhnew style for 2.7
2012-04-29 mhupdate config file to match upstream
2012-04-10 duritongMerge pull request #3 from cwarden/concat-fix
2012-04-10 mhMerge remote-tracking branch 'cwarden/debian-squeeze...
2012-04-10 mhmerge from github
2012-04-10 duritongMerge pull request #2 from cwarden/fully-qualify-variables
2012-02-25 mhCentOS 5 does not yet have a munin policy
2012-02-16 mhset correct labels for munin plugins
2012-02-15 mhcorrect param
2012-02-15 mhmanage selinux if enabled of plugins we manage
2012-02-03 Christian G... Fix munin.conf for squeeze and later Debian releases
2012-02-03 Christian G... Make sure concat::setup is declared
2012-02-03 Christian G... Fully qualify facter variables
2011-12-22 mhadd squeeze template
2011-11-05 mhuse hiera to configure munin node specific things
2011-08-05 mhuse correct define
2011-08-04 Marcel HaerryAlso provide port for snmp nodes
2011-08-04 Marcel HaerryUpdate README - this is not anymore necessary
2011-08-04 Marcel Haerry get a new line at the end
2011-08-04 Marcel Haerrymove from concatenated_file to concat
2011-08-04 Marcel Haerrymerge with immerda/master
2011-07-22 mhfix typo
2011-07-15 mhit is not anymore necessary to add an empty source...
2011-06-05 Benjamin Krauseadded lucid debian symlink
2011-05-31 mhmake cgi graphing optional
2011-05-31 mhno need to manage logfiles, this should be done by...
2010-12-09 mhreplace gsub with builtin regsubst
2010-12-06 Pascal Simonupdate munin-node template
2010-09-30 mhrestore munin port in template
2010-09-27 Marcel Haerrynow we use the new modules path everywhere
2010-09-27 Marcel Haerryuse shell so we can actually pipe that command
2010-09-27 Marcel Haerryuse shell so we can actually pipe that command
2010-09-27 Marcel Haerryupdate templates to the new way
2010-09-27 Marcel Haerrycode style for darwin class
2010-09-27 Marcel Haerryuse better snmp register define
2010-09-21 Marcel Haerryrefactor module to the new standard
2010-08-11 mhintroduce caching for xen plugins
2010-08-07 mhremove unnecessary fileserver variable (#2460)
2010-08-01 mhescaping
2010-07-21 mhRevert "remove escaping"
2010-07-19 mhremove escaping
2010-07-19 mhfixing the actual problem
2010-07-19 mhanother fix for inclusion
2010-07-19 mhfixing a possible include problem
2010-07-15 mhfixing weird class setup
2010-07-01 mhmerge with lavamind
2010-06-05 mhfix dependency cycle
2010-06-02 Marcel Haerryadjust module to fit plugins to 0.25 style
2010-05-22 mhcheck status over pidfile
2010-05-22 mhthis package is not anymore needed on latest openbsd
2010-05-22 mhfor new openbsd releases we can finally use a package
2010-05-14 Jerome Charaouirefactor register class and client template
2010-05-13 Jerome Charaouiremove tabs and trailing whitespaces in manifests
2010-05-13 Jerome CharaouiMerge branch 'master' of git://git.puppet.immerda.ch...
2010-05-09 mhadjust module_dir
2010-04-25 mhupdate to new name
2010-04-07 Jerome Charaouiadd ability to register a non-puppet-managed munin...
2010-03-05 mhnew upstream config
2010-02-04 Simon Josisyntax
2010-02-02 Matthias Imsandreplaced legace gsub method
2010-02-01 Jerome Charaouiremove nagios plugin, now provided by nagios module
2010-02-01 Jerome Charaouiremove outdated and undesirable apt_all plugin on debia...
2010-01-27 Simon Josiupgrade to 0.25
2009-12-23 Jerome Charaouiadd missing header file for Debian (contacts disabled)
2009-12-10 Jerome Charaouiadapt module_dir to new common module and create 'munin...
2009-12-09 Jerome Charaouimodify nagios plugin to work with nagios2 and nagios3
2009-11-14 mhfix typo
2009-11-14 mhmodules prefix path
2009-11-14 mhupdate file paths to 0.25.x style
2009-11-14 mhuse correct path
2009-11-02 mhchange pending module file resources to new 0.25 style
2009-11-01 mhrecursivly updating file path to new 0.25 style
2009-10-31 mhmove plugin directory to fit new 0.25 style
2009-10-30 mhswitch to new lsb way
2009-10-03 mhadd some xen munin plugins
2009-10-03 mhadjust define
2009-09-29 mhcorrectly include the right client class
2009-09-29 mhinclude client stuff
2009-09-29 mhfixed typo
2009-09-29 mhput file at correct location
2009-09-29 mhfixed typo
2009-09-29 mhput file at correct location
2009-09-29 mhrefactor everything into its own file
2009-09-29 mhadd shorewall rules
2009-06-02 Marcel Haerrymerged with immerda
2009-06-02 mhMerge commit 'origin/master'
2009-06-02 Marcel Haerryupdated munin-node config to latest version
2009-06-02 Marcel Haerrydon't require the exec, as the require is exported...
2009-06-02 Marcel Haerrydo not delete snmp plugins
2009-06-02 Marcel Haerryrevert globbing problem
2009-06-02 Marcel Haerrydon't delete snmp plugins
2009-06-02 Marcel Haerryfinally implemented snmp client
2009-06-01 mhfix typo
2009-06-01 mhadd cronjob to kill hanging munin-runs
2009-05-30 mhimproved enforced munin plugin