2016-03-16 varacMerge remote-tracking branch 'shared/master' into leap_... master
2015-09-14 Jerome CharaouiFix export tag variable scope in munin::host
2015-08-14 Gabriel FilionAdd an upgrade notice about using the main class
2015-04-17 Micah AndersonAdd GPLv3 license
2015-02-28 MicahMerge branch 'custom_if_filter_param' into 'master'
2015-02-24 Jerome CharaouiAdd class parameter to allow customisation of if plugin...
2015-02-21 LeLutinMerge branch 'feature/4347-adapt-to-cleaned-up-common...
2015-02-12 intrigeriRemove munin::client::darwin (Closes: #4347).
2015-01-20 Jerome CharaouiMerge branch 'merge_immerda' into 'master'
2014-12-13 Gabriel Filionupdate readme to use the new "main" class
2014-12-13 Gabriel Filioncreate a single entry point to the module
2014-12-13 Gabriel FilionMerge remote-tracking branch 'immerda/master' into...
2014-12-05 intrigeriIgnore vnet\d+ network interfaces, just like veth,...
2014-10-10 mhmore linting and latest puppet-lint support
2014-10-10 mhupdate to v3 api
2014-09-13 mhnew release 0.0.4 and porting over to metadata.json
2014-09-13 mhMerge branch 'jasperla-snmp'
2014-09-13 mhRevert "Unbreak registring snmp hosts; Exec{} needs...
2014-09-13 mhMerge branch 'snmp' of https://github.com/jasperla...
2014-09-13 mhMerge remote-tracking branch 'github/master'
2014-09-13 duritongMerge pull request #45 from jasperla/cron
2014-09-13 duritongMerge pull request #42 from jasperla/concat
2014-09-03 duritongMerge pull request #43 from jasperla/utf8
2014-09-03 duritongMerge pull request #47 from roidelapluie/rhel
2014-09-02 Julien PivottoAdd support for RHEL
2014-08-13 Jasper Lievisse... Allow setting an snmpversion for plugin discovery
2014-08-13 Jasper Lievisse... Use cron resource instead of a cron.d file
2014-08-13 Jasper Lievisse... spacing
2014-08-13 Jasper Lievisse... Unbreak registering new snmp nodes into munin.conf
2014-08-13 Jasper Lievisse... Unbreak registring snmp hosts; Exec{} needs a path
2014-08-13 Jasper Lievisse... Fix an error on system without full UTF-8: invalid...
2014-08-13 Jasper Lievisse... Bump concat dependency to get rid of deprecation warnin...
2014-08-08 duritongMerge pull request #40 from usox/master
2014-07-09 mhget rid off lsb facts - who runs sarge?
2014-06-28 Daniel JakobAdd some simple gentoo specific tests
2014-06-28 Daniel JakobAdd gentoo config header
2014-06-28 Daniel JakobRename the package to avoid naming conflicts
2014-06-13 mhfixing deps for 1.8.7
2014-06-13 mh4.0 does not support <1.9
2014-06-13 mhensure lower activesupport versions for RUBY 1.8.7
2014-06-13 mhmigrate tests to new format
2014-06-13 mhimplement #38 - allow config to be an array
2014-06-13 mhMerge branch 'averni-master'
2014-06-13 mhMerge branch 'master' of https://github.com/averni...
2014-06-11 antoniochanged host_name default to ::fqdn
2014-04-19 mhcorrect seltype
2014-04-19 mhthe default selinux type should be unconfined
2014-04-09 antonioConfigurable host_name variable
2014-03-21 mhnew release
2014-03-20 mhMerge remote-tracking branch 'github/master'
2014-03-20 duritongMerge pull request #35 from mnencia/patch-1
2014-03-20 Marco NenciariniFix openbsd module dependency
2014-03-14 mhrelease a new version
2014-03-14 mhadjust to freshly release module
2014-03-14 duritongMerge pull request #34 from 2ndquadrant-it/sync-deps
2014-02-18 Marco NenciariniSync Puppetfile with Modulefile to avoid errors in...
2014-02-18 Marco NenciariniUse puppetlabs/concat instead of ripienaar/concat
2014-02-17 duritongMerge pull request #32 from 2ndquadrant-it/plugin-deploy
2014-02-14 Marco NenciariniAllow to deploy a plugin without registering it
2014-02-03 mhusing correct facts in tests
2014-02-03 mhcleanup some of the missing parts
2014-02-03 Arjen HeidingaAdd support for setting the descryption and group support
2014-01-29 mhcorrect dependency
2014-01-29 mhunify logdir
2014-01-29 mhcomment a regexp that is not yet supported by all deplo...
2014-01-28 mhremove obsolete link
2014-01-25 mhonly test latest versions
2014-01-25 mhdon't commit the lockfile we like to test against latest
2014-01-25 mhtry to fix travis and add new puppet version
2014-01-25 mhadd openbsd module as dependency
2014-01-25 duritongMerge pull request #30 from oxilion/file-cleanup
2014-01-25 duritongMerge pull request #29 from oxilion/cloudlinux
2013-11-20 Ewoud Kohl... Remove useless files
2013-11-20 Ewoud Kohl... Unify logrotate files into templates
2013-11-20 Ewoud Kohl... Unify OS specific munin-conf.conf
2013-11-20 Ewoud Kohl... Add CloudLinux support
2013-11-19 duritongMerge pull request #28 from deric/stdlib_ensure
2013-11-18 Tomas Bartonuse rather ensure_packages
2013-11-03 mhadd a few more intelligent plugins for linux hosts
2013-11-03 mhremove unnecessary dependencies
2013-11-03 mhfix #26 - do not manage files of a plugin if it should...
2013-11-03 mhremove anchor dependency - fixed #26
2013-11-03 mhuse rather the stdlib prefix function than the good...
2013-11-03 mhcleanup openbsd manual installation + remove unnecessar...
2013-11-03 mhsome doc
2013-10-23 duritongminor cleanup
2013-10-15 duritongMerge pull request #25 from deric/travis
2013-10-14 Tomas Bartonenable travis-ci integration
2013-10-14 duritongMerge pull request #24 from deric/specs
2013-10-13 Tomas Bartondisabled building on ruby 2.0 before puppet 3.2
2013-10-13 Tomas Bartondisabled testing of puppet 2.6
2013-10-13 Tomas Bartonmunin host specs
2013-10-13 Tomas BartonClass[] -> Class[] requirement replaced by an anchor
2013-10-13 Tomas Bartonlinking current directory to fixtures
2013-10-13 Tomas Bartondebugging travis and librarian
2013-10-13 Tomas Bartonremoved fixtures file, librarian is much better
2013-10-13 Tomas Bartonadded fixtures file
2013-10-13 Tomas Bartontravis integration
2013-10-13 Tomas Bartonextended tests, first group should pass
2013-10-12 Tomas Bartonbasic munin::client specs