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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2009-06-03use cidr_allow in lenny and newerDavid Schmitt
2009-06-02updated munin-node config to latest versionMarcel Haerry
2009-06-02finally implemented snmp clientMarcel Haerry
2009-04-05updated to new versionmh
2009-02-21added lenny filemh
2008-10-01openbsd doesn't have a group root, so we just use the gidmh
2008-10-01added openbsd templatemh
2008-09-08add apache siteDavid Schmitt
2008-08-02munin-node.conf can be used unmodified for lennyDavid Schmitt
2008-06-13Merge commit 'puzzle/development'mh
2008-04-25added missing templatemh
2008-04-24refixed template pathmh
2008-04-24merged with puzzle upstreammh
2008-04-18added load bordersmh
2008-04-13not needed as this make it appear everywhere the exim stuffmh
2008-03-17fixed allow stuffmh
2008-03-17added gutsy linkmh
2008-03-05added feisty config (==etch)David Schmitt
2007-12-07gentoo ist eigntlich auch default ...andreas
2007-12-07templates neuandreas
2007-11-30munin installation (+ test auf immer1-0)andreas
2007-11-24add compat symlinkroot
2007-10-09sundry cleanup after offline workroot
2007-10-03munin: improve graphing for exim_mailstats on small systemsroot
2007-08-08parameter order improvementdavid
2007-08-07more fixes for the munin modularizsationdavid
2007-08-07commit second half of wrong commit of r176david