path: root/templates/munin-node.conf.default
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-11-20Unify OS specific munin-conf.confEwoud Kohl van Wijngaarden
2013-06-03Merge remote-tracking branch 'github/master'mh
2013-06-03Use @var style for puppet 3.2 compatibilityEwoud Kohl van Wijngaarden
2013-05-31update to latest upstreammh
2013-01-12update to latest upstreammh
2013-01-12fix path for munin-log filemh
2012-12-07this does not yet work on the older muninsmh
2012-12-06update with latest upstreammh
2012-06-09use class parametersmh
2012-04-29update config file to match upstreammh
2011-11-05use hiera to configure munin node specific thingsmh
2011-08-04merge with immerda/masterMarcel Haerry
2010-12-06update munin-node templatePascal Simon
2010-04-25update to new namemh
2010-03-05new upstream configmh
2009-06-02updated munin-node config to latest versionMarcel Haerry
2009-04-05updated to new versionmh
2008-10-01openbsd doesn't have a group root, so we just use the gidmh
2008-06-13Merge commit 'puzzle/development'mh
2007-12-07templates neuandreas