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2012-07-18Fixing FSH issue for Debian and adding a note about the change from site-muni...kwadronaut
2012-06-28Default munin htmldir in Debian moved some time ago tokwadronaut
2012-06-27change site-munin to site_munin for 2.7Micah Anderson
2012-06-24correct namingmh
2012-06-18if it's * it should be collected by fqdn otherwise directly by what is given
2012-06-13migrate away from hiera stuffmh
2012-06-10config for dfmh
2012-06-09use class parametersmh
2012-06-08refactor things for >2.7mh
2012-06-05new style for 2.7mh
2012-04-10Merge pull request #3 from cwarden/concat-fixduritong
2012-04-10Merge remote-tracking branch 'cwarden/debian-squeeze-htmldir-fix' into mastermh
2012-04-10merge from githubmh
2012-02-25CentOS 5 does not yet have a munin policymh
2012-02-16set correct labels for munin pluginsmh
2012-02-15correct parammh
2012-02-15manage selinux if enabled of plugins we managemh
2012-02-02Fix munin.conf for squeeze and later Debian releasesChristian G. Warden
2012-02-02Make sure concat::setup is declaredChristian G. Warden
2012-02-02Fully qualify facter variablesChristian G. Warden
2011-11-05use hiera to configure munin node specific thingsmh
2011-08-05use correct definemh
2011-08-04Also provide port for snmp nodesMarcel Haerry
2011-08-04move from concatenated_file to concatMarcel Haerry
2011-08-04merge with immerda/masterMarcel Haerry
2011-07-22fix typomh
2011-07-15it is not anymore necessary to add an empty source to purge directoriesmh
2011-05-31make cgi graphing optionalmh
2011-05-31no need to manage logfiles, this should be done by the packagemh
2011-05-07Merge remote branch 'riseup/master'intrigeri
2011-03-29fix merge conflict syntax errorMicah Anderson
2011-03-25fix syntax error as a result of the mergeMicah Anderson
2011-03-25Merge remote-tracking branch 'immerda/master'Micah Anderson
2011-03-25Merge commit 'e7d23dabf191c5416197af0b229fc90b94539405'Micah Anderson
2011-03-24add ability to register a non-puppet-managed munin nodeMicah Anderson
2011-03-24remove nagios plugin, now provided by nagios moduleJerome Charaoui
2011-03-24remove outdated and undesirable apt_all plugin on debian systems which trigge...Micah Anderson
2010-12-20Fix for when Package['iproute'] is already managed elsewhere.intrigeri
2010-12-12fix syntax error introduced with previous commitMicah Anderson
2010-12-10another formatting fixMicah Anderson
2010-12-10standardize formattingMicah Anderson
2010-12-10this change makes sure that munin-common is installed before munin-node is in...Micah Anderson
2010-12-09replace gsub with builtin regsubstmh
2010-09-27now we use the new modules path everywhereMarcel Haerry
2010-09-27use shell so we can actually pipe that commandMarcel Haerry
2010-09-27use shell so we can actually pipe that commandMarcel Haerry
2010-09-27update templates to the new wayMarcel Haerry
2010-09-27code style for darwin classMarcel Haerry
2010-09-27use better snmp register defineMarcel Haerry
2010-09-21refactor module to the new standardMarcel Haerry