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2014-12-05Ignore vnet\d+ network interfaces, just like veth, virbr etc.intrigeri
2013-03-20Merge branch 'immerda/master'micah
Conflicts: files/plugins/xen-cpu templates/munin-node.conf.Debian.squeeze
2013-03-20Security: another mode change on /etc/munin/plugin-conf.d/munin-nodemicah
2013-03-20Security: plugin-config should not me world readable as it might contain ↵mh
2013-02-28move this to the apache modulemh
2012-12-06replace xen-cpu plugin with a better pluginmh
2012-11-29filter correct unwanted interfacesmh
2012-11-27exclude more weird interfacesmh
2012-11-27improve regexpmh
2012-11-27filter out many of the useless interfaces that show upmh
2012-11-27there are now official selinux pluginsmh
2012-09-12add kvm pluginsmh
2012-07-19Fix requirements for pluginsGabriel Filion
When including munin::host without explicitly including munin::client, puppet fails to run with the following message: Could not find dependent Service[munin-node] for File[/etc/munin/plugins] at /tmp/vagrant-puppet/modules-0/munin/manifests/plugins/setup.pp:14 This is because munin::host declares a munin plugin, and in turn this one creates a dependency on the 'munin-node' package and service. Since this dependency is not fulfilled, the run fails. The munin::plugins::setup class needs to fulfill its own dependencies by including munin::client. Signed-off-by: Gabriel Filion <>
2012-06-10config for dfmh
2012-06-05new style for 2.7mh
2012-02-02Fully qualify facter variablesChristian G. Warden
2011-08-04merge with immerda/masterMarcel Haerry
2011-07-22fix typomh
2011-07-15it is not anymore necessary to add an empty source to purge directoriesmh
2011-03-25Merge remote-tracking branch 'immerda/master'Micah Anderson
Conflicts: manifests/host.pp manifests/host/cgi.pp manifests/plugin.pp manifests/plugin/deploy.pp manifests/plugins/apache.pp manifests/plugins/base.pp manifests/plugins/dom0.pp manifests/plugins/gentoo.pp manifests/plugins/interfaces.pp manifests/plugins/linux.pp manifests/plugins/openbsd.pp manifests/plugins/physical.pp manifests/plugins/selinux.pp manifests/plugins/vserver.pp
2011-03-25Merge commit 'e7d23dabf191c5416197af0b229fc90b94539405'Micah Anderson
Conflicts: manifests/client.pp manifests/client/base.pp manifests/client/darwin.pp manifests/client/debian.pp manifests/client/gentoo.pp manifests/client/openbsd.pp manifests/client/package.pp manifests/host.pp manifests/init.pp manifests/plugin.pp manifests/plugin/scriptpaths.pp manifests/plugins/interfaces.pp manifests/plugins/linux.pp manifests/plugins/vserver.pp manifests/register.pp manifests/register_snmp.pp manifests/remoteplugin.pp manifests/snmp_collector.pp
2011-03-24remove nagios plugin, now provided by nagios moduleJerome Charaoui
2011-03-24remove outdated and undesirable apt_all plugin on debian systems which ↵Micah Anderson
triggers random apt-get update commands Conflicts: manifests/plugins/debian.pp
2010-12-10standardize formattingMicah Anderson
2010-12-09replace gsub with builtin regsubstmh
2010-09-21refactor module to the new standardMarcel Haerry
2010-08-07remove unnecessary fileserver variable (#2460)mh
2010-07-21Revert "remove escaping"mh
This reverts commit b491a012b6c2af328a782d27d8109aa282611f0c.
2010-07-20remove escapingmh
2010-07-19fixing the actual problemmh
2010-07-19another fix for inclusionmh
2010-07-19fixing a possible include problemmh
2010-07-15fixing weird class setupmh
we had some weird class setup which caused some problems on 2.6 (see puppet bug #4242 for more info). This commit cleans that weird setup up and decouples a lot of things.
2010-05-13remove tabs and trailing whitespaces in manifestsJerome Charaoui
2010-02-02replaced legace gsub methodMatthias Imsand
2010-02-01remove nagios plugin, now provided by nagios moduleJerome Charaoui
2010-02-01remove outdated and undesirable apt_all plugin on debian systems which ↵Jerome Charaoui
triggers random apt-get update commands
2010-01-27upgrade to 0.25Simon Josi
2009-12-22the 'users' munin plugin seems to be a centos-specific one, so weMicah Anderson
setup a special munin::plugins::centos and include that in the proper client case statement for centos
2009-12-22more formatting standardizationsMicah Anderson
2009-12-09modify nagios plugin to work with nagios2 and nagios3Jerome Charaoui
2009-11-02change pending module file resources to new 0.25 stylemh
2009-10-03add some xen munin pluginsmh
2009-09-29put file at correct locationmh
2009-09-29fixed typomh
2009-09-29put file at correct locationmh
2009-09-29refactor everything into its own filemh