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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-07-02lintifyEwoud Kohl van Wijngaarden
2013-05-27Merge remote-tracking branch 'githubmirror/master'mh
2013-05-06Make the CGI owner configurableEwoud Kohl van Wijngaarden
2013-03-18Add support for specifying tags for exported resourcesSander Hoentjen
2012-06-13migrate away from hiera stuffmh
2012-06-05new style for 2.7mh
2012-04-10Merge pull request #3 from cwarden/concat-fixduritong
2012-02-02Fix munin.conf for squeeze and later Debian releasesChristian G. Warden
2012-02-02Make sure concat::setup is declaredChristian G. Warden
2011-08-04move from concatenated_file to concatMarcel Haerry
2011-05-31make cgi graphing optionalmh
2011-05-31no need to manage logfiles, this should be done by the packagemh
2010-08-07remove unnecessary fileserver variable (#2460)mh
2010-05-13remove tabs and trailing whitespaces in manifestsJerome Charaoui
2009-12-10adapt module_dir to new common module and create 'munin' base class to provid...Jerome Charaoui
2009-11-14update file paths to 0.25.x stylemh
2009-11-02recursivly updating file path to new 0.25 stylemh
2009-09-29refactor everything into its own filemh
2009-09-29add shorewall rulesmh
2009-06-01fix typomh
2009-06-01add cronjob to kill hanging munin-runsmh
2008-07-22merged with immerdamh
2008-04-24merged with puzzle upstreammh
2008-04-24unified fileserver location, in the future the fileserver should only be
2008-03-30fixed typomh
2008-03-30added default apache modulesmh
2008-03-29merged munin-module with davidsmh
2008-01-02fixed group stuffmh
2007-11-30munin installation (+ test auf immer1-0)andreas