path: root/manifests/client/openbsd.pp
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-01-29correct dependencymh
2014-01-29unify logdirmh
2013-11-03cleanup openbsd manual installation + remove unnecessary filesmh
2013-07-02lintifyEwoud Kohl van Wijngaarden
2013-03-20Merge branch 'immerda/master'micah
2012-12-07fix issue if pid is not at the beginning + lintingmh
2012-06-05new style for 2.7mh
2012-02-02Fully qualify facter variablesChristian G. Warden
2011-03-25Merge remote-tracking branch 'immerda/master'Micah Anderson
2011-03-25Merge commit 'e7d23dabf191c5416197af0b229fc90b94539405'Micah Anderson
2010-12-10standardize formattingMicah Anderson
2010-08-07remove unnecessary fileserver variable (#2460)mh
2010-06-05fix dependency cyclemh
2010-05-22check status over pidfilemh
2010-05-22this package is not anymore needed on latest openbsdmh
2010-05-22for new openbsd releases we can finally use a packagemh
2009-11-02recursivly updating file path to new 0.25 stylemh
2009-10-03adjust definemh
2009-09-29refactor everything into its own filemh