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2013-02-28move this to the apache modulemh
2012-12-15fix a few remaining things in xen pluginsmh
2012-12-07fix a few other issuesmh
2012-12-07correct filteringmh
2012-12-07fix plugin to work on debian and centosmh
2012-12-06make this plugin caching more stablemh
2012-12-06replace xen-cpu plugin with a better pluginmh
2012-11-27there are now official selinux pluginsmh
2012-09-15cleanup pluginsmh
2012-09-15fix pluginmh
2012-09-15fix config and outputmh
2012-09-12add kvm pluginsmh
2010-08-11introduce caching for xen pluginsmh
2010-02-01remove nagios plugin, now provided by nagios moduleJerome Charaoui
2009-12-09modify nagios plugin to work with nagios2 and nagios3Jerome Charaoui
2009-10-03add some xen munin pluginsmh
2009-05-30improved enforced munin pluginmh
2008-10-01merged with puzzlemh
2008-07-22merged with immerdamh
2008-07-19factored out squid munin plugin, cleaned up some whitespaces in xen pluginmh
2008-07-17Merge commit 'puzzle/development'mh
2008-04-25fixed categorymh
2008-04-24merged with puzzle upstreammh
2008-03-30added default apache modulesmh
2008-03-29fixed headermh
2008-02-01neuer versuch mit munin für immer1-5andreas
2008-01-31tinydns munin modul für immer1-4andreas
2008-01-30rearranged some stuffmh