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2013-03-18Merge pull request #8 from oxilion/export_tagduritong
Add support for specifying tags for exported resources
2013-03-18Add support for specifying tags for exported resourcesSander Hoentjen
This enables you to specify different servers for different clients.
2013-02-28move this to the apache modulemh
2013-02-28make it possible to manage the seltypemh
2013-02-28this require is pretty useless, as if we have a require on the define, we do ↵mh
not need to pass it down
2013-02-27Merge remote-tracking branch 'lelutin/dependency_on_client'Jerome Charaoui
2013-01-25Merge remote-tracking branch 'githubmirror/master'mh
2013-01-25Merge pull request #6 from tisoft/quantalduritong
added quantal
2013-01-25Merge pull request #7 from tisoft/use_sshduritong
added support for use_ssh for munin 2.0
2013-01-24added support for use_ssh for munin 2.0Markus Heberling
2013-01-24added quantalMarkus Heberling
2013-01-19Merge remote-tracking branch 'githubmirror/master' into HEADmh
2013-01-19Merge pull request #5 from evanstachowiak/masterduritong
Add munin-node Ubuntu template
2013-01-12update to latest upstreammh
2013-01-12fix path for munin-log filemh
2012-12-19minimize diffs to upstream, which is:Matt Taggart
2012-12-15add munin-node template for Ubuntu PreciseEvan Stachowiak
2012-12-15add munin-node template for UbuntuEvan Stachowiak
2012-12-15fix a few remaining things in xen pluginsmh
2012-12-07fix issue if pid is not at the beginning + lintingmh
2012-12-07fix a few other issuesmh
2012-12-07this does not yet work on the older muninsmh
2012-12-07correct filteringmh
2012-12-07fix plugin to work on debian and centosmh
2012-12-06make this plugin caching more stablemh
2012-12-06replace xen-cpu plugin with a better pluginmh
2012-12-06update with latest upstreammh
2012-11-29filter correct unwanted interfacesmh
2012-11-27exclude more weird interfacesmh
2012-11-27improve regexpmh
2012-11-27filter out many of the useless interfaces that show upmh
2012-11-27there are now official selinux pluginsmh
2012-10-17new upstream configmh
2012-09-15cleanup pluginsmh
2012-09-15fix pluginmh
2012-09-15fix config and outputmh
2012-09-12add kvm pluginsmh
2012-07-19Fix requirements for pluginsGabriel Filion
When including munin::host without explicitly including munin::client, puppet fails to run with the following message: Could not find dependent Service[munin-node] for File[/etc/munin/plugins] at /tmp/vagrant-puppet/modules-0/munin/manifests/plugins/setup.pp:14 This is because munin::host declares a munin plugin, and in turn this one creates a dependency on the 'munin-node' package and service. Since this dependency is not fulfilled, the run fails. The munin::plugins::setup class needs to fulfill its own dependencies by including munin::client. Signed-off-by: Gabriel Filion <>
2012-07-18Fixing FSH issue for Debian and adding a note about the change from ↵kwadronaut
site-munin to site_munin
2012-07-13Default munin htmldir in Debian moved some time ago tokwadronaut
/var/cache/munin/www This commit makes sure that you have it set correctly
2012-06-29README: (doesn't work) ->varac
2012-06-28Default munin htmldir in Debian moved some time ago tokwadronaut
/var/cache/munin/www This commit makes sure that you have it set correctly
2012-06-27change site-munin to site_munin for 2.7Micah Anderson
2012-06-24correct namingmh
2012-06-18if it's * it should be collected by fqdn otherwise directly by what is given ↵mh
to be listened on
2012-06-13migrate away from hiera stuffmh
2012-06-10config for dfmh
2012-06-09use class parametersmh