[puppet_munin.git] / manifests / client /
2010-07-01 mhmerge with lavamind
2010-06-05 mhfix dependency cycle
2010-05-22 mhcheck status over pidfile
2010-05-22 mhthis package is not anymore needed on latest openbsd
2010-05-22 mhfor new openbsd releases we can finally use a package
2010-05-14 Jerome Charaouirefactor register class and client template
2010-05-13 Jerome Charaouiremove tabs and trailing whitespaces in manifests
2009-11-14 mhuse correct path
2009-11-01 mhrecursivly updating file path to new 0.25 style
2009-10-03 mhadjust define
2009-09-29 mhcorrectly include the right client class
2009-09-29 mhrefactor everything into its own file