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@@ -29,9 +29,27 @@ To use this module, follow these directions:
a. Your modules directory will need all the files included in this repository placed
under a directory called "munin"
- b. For every host you wish to gather munin statistics, add the class munin::client to that
- node. You will want to set the class parameter 'allow' to be the IP(s) of the munin
- collector, this defines what IP is permitted to connect to the node, for example:
+ b. add the following line to your modules.pp:
+ import "munin"
+ (NOTE: if you have followed the directions in README.common then you will have import
+ "modules.pp" in your site.pp, if you do not have that, then you will need to add the
+ import line to your site.pp)
+ c. you will also need to create the following empty directories:
+ mkdir -p /etc/puppet/modules/munin/files/nodes/modules_dir
+ mkdir -p /etc/puppet/modules/munin/files/plugins/modules_dir
+ d. Add to the top of your site.pp a variable which indicates what IP should be allowed to
+ connect to your individual munin-nodes (this is typically your main munin host's IP):
+ $munin_allow = ''
+ You can also put an array there.
+ On pre-lenny systems, you have to use the older Regexp-variant:
node foo {
class { 'munin::client': allow => ''}