[deprec] use @ in front of erb template tags
[puppet_haproxy.git] / templates / haproxy_listen_block.erb
2013-02-25 Micah Andersonindent the 'mode' template addition from previous commi...
2013-02-25 Micah Andersonadd missing mode in listen template
2012-11-22 Hunter HaugenMerge pull request #20 from Mirantis/cleanup-haproxy...
2012-11-07 Hunter HaugenMerge pull request #22 from Mirantis/listen-multiple-ips
2012-11-06 Eugene KirpichovSlight simplification in haproxy_listen_block.erb
2012-11-06 Eugene KirpichovListen on multiple virtual IP addresses
2012-10-12 Adrien TheboMerge pull request #14 from hunner/ports_string
2012-10-12 Hunter HaugenUpdate ports to also accept a ,-separated string
2012-10-12 Hunter HaugenMerge pull request #13 from hunner/rename_everything
2012-10-12 Hunter HaugenRename everything!