Rename `haproxy_config_options` parameter to `config_options`
[puppet_haproxy.git] / manifests / config.pp
2012-10-11 Hunter HaugenRename `haproxy_config_options` parameter to `config_op...
2012-10-11 Zack SmithMerge pull request #10 from hunner/add_ports
2012-10-11 Hunter HaugenAllow multiple ports to be passed
2012-10-10 Ryan ColemanMerge pull request #8 from hunner/update_docs
2012-10-10 Hunter HaugenUpdate haproxy::config for indentation and Puppet 2.6
2012-10-10 Dan BodeMerge pull request #4 from Mirantis/one-pass
2012-09-06 Eugene KirpichovSupport for one-pass mode.
2012-07-09 Gary LarizzaMerge pull request #10 from rtyler/chicken-dinner
2012-07-09 R. Tyler CroyFix some, but by no means all, of puppet-lint's complaining
2012-05-09 Gary LarizzaUse array in config class default
2012-05-07 Gary LarizzaInitial Commit