2013-08-27 Azulgit:changes expect changes to certain files master
2012-07-09 Micah Andersonif the OS is debian, then git::daemon should just inclu...
2012-06-27 Micah Andersonswitch to underscores for 2.7
2011-05-21 Micah Andersonfix syntax error (missing closing class curly brace)
2011-05-15 Micah Andersonforgot to remove the inclusion of git::daemon::debian...
2011-05-11 Micah Andersonadd to git::daemon::disable nagios::service ensure...
2011-05-11 Micah Andersonfix for the following:
2011-05-11 Micah Andersonbulk formatting standardization fixes
2011-05-11 Micah Andersonfix for #2964: Parameter path failed: File paths must...
2011-05-11 Micah Andersonfix incorrect subclass that blocks overriding of resources
2011-04-11 Micah Andersonfix syntax error
2011-04-11 Micah Andersonadd $use_nagios variable to automatically setup nagios...
2011-04-01 Micah Andersonfix debian initscript relative pathing
2011-04-01 Micah AndersonRevert "correct Debian initscript" -- git-daemon is...
2011-04-01 Micah AndersonMerge remote-tracking branch 'lavamind/master'
2011-03-16 mhupdate to the new gitweb version
2010-10-22 mhuse xinetd management define
2010-10-22 mhwhitespace
2010-10-22 mhadd xinetd based service
2010-10-02 mhenable possibility to only requirements for the clone
2010-10-02 mhallow also that submodules are initialized
2010-10-02 mhrequire root git class, rather than include and require...
2010-08-11 mhfix typo
2010-08-11 mhintroduce logmode for webrepos
2010-08-07 mhremove unnecessary fileserver variable (#2460)
2010-07-05 mhadjust to new lighttpd module
2010-05-24 mhbring lighttpd config in line with lighttpd default
2010-02-09 Jerome Charaouicorrect Debian initscript
2010-02-09 Jerome Charaouifix more typos
2010-02-09 Jerome Charaouifix typos
2010-02-09 Jerome Charaouiprovide initial Debian compatibility for git and git...
2010-01-29 mhfixing webserver stuff, if absent
2010-01-09 mhonly manage the files if they are present
2010-01-09 mhfix typo
2010-01-09 mhfix inheritance
2010-01-09 mhdisable git stuff
2010-01-09 mhdon't do web stuff if repo is absent
2010-01-09 mhbetter naming
2010-01-08 mhmake the template options optional
2010-01-08 mhfix typo
2010-01-08 mhboth can have this dependency
2010-01-07 mhminor code style cleanup
2010-01-07 mhsome whitespace cleanup
2010-01-07 mhmake it possible to set a webrepo to absent
2009-11-14 mhupdate to 0.25.x style
2009-11-01 mhrecursivly updating file path to new 0.25 style
2009-10-07 mhcorrect namespace
2009-09-29 ngfix class lookup
2009-09-28 mhadd shorewall rules
2009-05-25 mhwe better remove any rights on the .git dir it shouldn...
2009-05-19 Marcel Haerryremoved unneed variables, added apache support for...
2009-05-14 mhsplitted everything up in one file per class/define
2009-03-07 mhwe can now remove a git clone
2009-02-24 mhto run git we need the git package
2009-02-24 mhcorrect dependency
2009-02-24 mhvarious improvements to git clone
2009-02-16 andreasextended: correct initial perms for git cloned dirs
2009-02-09 andreasproblem with dots in usernames, need colon as separator
2009-02-09 andreasrename variables; put in braces because of the dots
2009-02-09 andreaschown exec after git-clone mod
2009-02-09 andreaschown exec after git-clone
2009-02-09 andreasextend git-clone with runas user
2009-01-27 andreasextending apache and webhosting modules for joomla...
2009-01-23 mhupdated lighttpd config to new style
2009-01-09 mhfixed config value
2009-01-09 mhonly parse cgi files
2009-01-09 mhfixed config
2009-01-09 mhfixing lighttpd config
2009-01-09 mhfix import problem
2009-01-09 mhfix import problem
2009-01-09 mhfix import problem
2009-01-09 mhfix import problem
2009-01-09 mhfixinig naming problem -> Parent classes must have...
2009-01-09 mhfixed typo
2009-01-09 mhfixed typo
2009-01-09 mhfixing variable naming, added gitweb_sitename option
2009-01-09 mhremoved unnecessary option
2009-01-09 mhadded gitwebrepo share possibility for lighttpd
2009-01-08 mhcorrect naming
2009-01-08 mhadded gitweb class
2009-01-08 mhrun git-daemon as a user
2009-01-08 mhintroducing git-daemon
2008-12-28 mhadded dependency for subversion
2008-12-28 mhadded git-svn
2008-11-07 mhmerged module from puzzle
2008-11-07 mhinit of git module