2015-05-10 varacresources cannot contain an array as name anymore since... master
2014-03-23 kwadronautMerge ... immerda's syslog option and nadirs latest...
2014-02-25 varacfix merge leftover in manifests/base.pp
2014-02-25 varacMerge branch 'leap_master'
2014-01-23 varacchange mode for /etc/dovecot.conf from 0640 to 0644
2013-12-10 Micah Andersonsome linting, and make the 'config_dir' name be more...
2013-10-07 Micah Andersonfix logrotation for newer logrotate:
2013-01-26 varacdebian support: different package name
2012-12-07 mhmanage mode of state file for munin
2012-12-07 mhimprove dovecot munin graphs to also include proxy...
2012-06-27 Micah Andersonswitch to 2.7 requirement of underscores instead of...
2012-06-21 mhcorrect variable naming
2012-06-05 mhnew style for 2.7
2012-01-14 Micah Andersonset the sieve directory permissions to allow for the...
2012-01-14 Micah Andersonadd capability to sieve for sequential before/after...
2011-11-14 Micah Andersonallow for overriding the owner/group/mode of dovecot...
2011-11-13 Micah Andersonset a default destination
2011-11-11 Micah Andersonremove the include ::dovecot from expire.pp, this keeps...
2011-11-11 Micah Andersonfix invalid include (puppet complains that it is an...
2011-11-11 Micah Andersonfix syntax error
2011-11-10 Micah Andersonadd dovecot::config::file to be able to handle the...
2011-11-10 Micah Andersonadd the dovecot-dict-sql.conf to the dovecot::sql class
2011-10-20 Micah Andersonthe weekly rotation for the dovecot logs results in...
2011-10-13 Micah Andersondovecot logs should be owned by group dovecot
2011-10-12 Micah Andersonchange munin graph to be reasonable for dovecot2
2011-09-22 Micah Andersonsetup debian location for sieve scripts
2011-09-22 Micah Andersondebian has a different name for the managesieve process
2011-09-02 Micah Andersonsetup dovecot version differences for expire class
2011-09-02 Micah Andersonadd version dependency to the expire package requirement
2011-09-02 Micah Andersonthe new version of dovecot (version 2) has a number...
2011-09-01 Micah Andersonchange the munin plugin to use /bin/echo, posix dash...
2011-08-31 Micah Andersonchange the dovecot logfile to the more standard 'doveco...
2011-08-31 Micah Andersonswitch group ownership of the logfiles from gid=12...
2011-08-31 Micah Andersonformatting standardization
2011-08-30 Micah Andersonthe dovecot-expire.conf isn't used for the mysql type
2011-08-30 Micah Andersonfix debian dovecot package dependency for dovecot-common
2011-08-30 Micah Andersonfix another syntax error
2011-08-30 Micah Andersonfix missing comma
2011-08-30 Micah Andersonswitch class expire to a parameterized class
2011-08-30 Micah Andersonadd debian-specific cron expire snippet
2011-08-30 Micah Andersonadd mysql expire capability, provides a mysql-dict...
2011-08-25 Micah Andersonoverride the location of the dovecot configuration...
2011-08-25 Micah Andersondebian doesn't have different packages for the differen...
2011-08-25 Micah Andersonformatting standardization
2011-08-22 Micah Andersonremove unneeded comment
2011-08-22 Micah Andersonadd preliminary support for debian
2011-07-15 mhit is not anymore necessary to add an empty source...
2010-12-12 mhuse a dedicated command for managesieve checking
2010-12-12 mhfix naming
2010-12-12 mhunifynaming
2010-12-12 mhsimplify check hostname setting
2010-12-12 mhsimplify check hostname setting
2010-12-12 mhopen outgoing connections if we manage a proxy
2010-12-12 mhimprove managesieve
2010-12-12 mhas we are already in the dovecot type we can take the...
2010-12-12 mhmake dovecot_type a parametrized class variable
2010-12-12 mhadjust nagios checks to tune hostnames to check
2010-12-12 mhmonitor basic nagios stuff
2010-12-12 mhrefactor classes to use parametrized classes
2010-08-31 mhcorrect filename
2010-08-31 mhfix wrong source
2010-08-31 mhmanage sysconfig
2010-08-07 mhremove unnecessary fileserver variable (#2460)
2010-07-01 mhproper escaping
2010-07-01 mhactually delete the files
2010-07-01 mhintroduce legacy way to expire mails in certain folders
2010-06-10 mhadjust sslciphersuite to new recommendations
2010-04-05 olidefault.sieve imap prefix for spam rule
2010-01-11 mhdon't make logfiles public readable
2010-01-11 mhmake sieve compilation more failsafe
2010-01-04 mhcheck on right flag
2009-12-22 mhset correct path to logrotate
2009-12-21 mhmanage logrotate as well
2009-12-14 mhadd sqlite support, refactor how sql is done, add readme
2009-12-13 mhopen managesieve port
2009-12-13 mhwe might want to deploy managesieve without managing...
2009-12-07 mhadd munin plugin
2009-12-07 mhinclude and activate shorewall rules and munin plugin
2009-12-07 mhadd munin plugin
2009-12-07 mhfix some more paths
2009-12-07 mhfix path lookups
2009-12-07 mhfix log path
2009-12-06 mhinitial release of the new dovecot module
2009-12-01 mhsome first notices about sources
2008-02-29 mhadded some modules todo
2008-01-11 andreasmodules_dir nicht nötig
2008-01-11 mhadded modules_dir as well a skeleton module