2012-06-20 Micah Andersonupdate README.markdown to clearly indicate how to start... master
2012-05-31 R.I.PienaarMerge pull request #23 from sathlan/feature/add-basic...
2012-05-31 sathlanCleanup.
2012-05-31 sathlanAdding basic tests.
2012-05-29 R.I.PienaarMerge branch 'master' of github.com:ripienaar/puppet...
2012-05-23 R.I.PienaarMerge pull request #21 from mrwacky42/basedir_warning
2012-05-23 Sharif NassarFail with helpful advice if $::concat_basedir is not...
2012-05-20 R.I.PienaarMerge pull request #20 from endemics/master
2012-05-20 Gildas Le Nadanadd information about concat_basedir and the need for...
2012-04-30 R.I.Pienaaradd files needed for the module forge
2012-04-24 R.I.PienaarMerge pull request #18 from dalen/master
2012-04-24 Erik DalénStyle guideline fixes
2012-04-17 R.I.PienaarMerge pull request #17 from pdxcat/refactor_remove_gnuflag
2012-04-17 Reid VandewieleRemove the gnu parameter from concat
2011-12-14 Sharif NassarFix comments to match actual behavior, clean up old...
2011-12-14 R.I.PienaarMerge pull request #12 from mrwacky42/master
2011-12-14 Sharif NassarRemove silly environment variable that corrupts reality.
2011-12-06 R.I.PienaarMerge pull request #11 from cwarden/fully-qualify
2011-12-06 Christian G... Fix use of unqualified variable names
2011-08-03 R.I.PienaarMerge pull request #8 from duritong/master
2011-08-03 Peter MeierMerge remote-tracking branch 'ripienaar/master'
2011-07-12 R.I.PienaarMerge pull request #10 from mediatemple/master
2011-07-11 Sharif NassarOn Solaris, 'test -a' does not work with /bin/sh
2011-06-23 R.I.PienaarMerge pull request #5 from TimBaldoni/master
2011-06-23 Peter Meierfinish work for unpriviledged user
2011-06-23 Peter Meierdon't use a hardcoded concatdir
2011-06-23 Peter MeierMerge remote-tracking branch 'tim/master'
2011-06-21 R.I.PienaarMerge pull request #7 from mrwacky42/master
2011-06-20 Sharif NassarMake sure interesting data in the concatdir is only...
2011-04-20 TimDash (default /bin/sh on Debian and Ubuntu) does not...
2011-02-03 Pierre-Yves... - make the root group configurable in the concat::setup...
2011-01-19 R.I.PienaarFix doco typo
2010-12-14 Jonathan Boyettadd "g" option to getopts
2010-12-03 R.I.PienaarUpdate changelog
2010-12-03 Jonathan Boyettadd a -g flag to concatfragments.sh to disable GNU...
2010-10-04 R.I.PienaarUpdate cangelog
2010-10-04 martin f. krafftParametrize warning message
2010-08-03 Chris JonesFix the Usage example so it parses and orders properly
2010-07-14 R.I.PienaarMake the filebucket behavior of files configurable
2010-05-22 R.I.Pienaarimprove documentation
2010-05-22 R.I.Pienaarimprove documentation
2010-05-14 R.I.PienaarMarkdown really is pretty rubbish and inconsistent.
2010-05-14 R.I.PienaarMarkdown tweaks
2010-05-13 R.I.PienaarAdd markdown readme and clear up old info from README
2010-05-12 R.I.Pienaarupdate README with a sample
2010-05-07 R.I.PienaarImprove error message and documentation
2010-05-06 R.I.Pienaarfix spacing/tab mixup
2010-05-06 R.I.PienaarPull in work from private Subversion repository