cleanup escaping stuff
[puppet_common.git] / manifests / defines / concatenated_file.pp
2010-09-02 mhcleanup escaping stuff
2010-09-02 Jerome Charaouifix whitespace (remove tabs & trailing whitespace)
2010-09-02 Marcel Haerryrefactoring the last part of moduledirs
2010-09-02 Jerome Charaouiconcatenated_file: update define to latest from David...
2010-09-02 mhrecursivly updating file path to new 0.25 style
2008-07-08 David Schmittmore corrections of .ignore
2008-06-05 martin f. krafftdo not use $servername in puppet:// urls
2008-04-06 David Schmittcheckup
2008-02-14 David Schmittmore BSD compatability from
2007-11-30 rootconcatenated_file: create a sensible default for dir...
2007-09-26 rootcommon: fix clash between modules_dir and concatenated_...
2007-08-07 davidmore fixes for the munin modularizsation
2007-08-07 davidfix "fail on no ntp_ plugins" bug
2007-08-06 davidsupport a footer file too
2007-08-06 davidsupport a header file
2007-08-06 davidadd refreshonly and notifies; minor shell fixes
2007-08-01 davidadd forcible purging of directories
2007-07-29 davidfixed up refresh behaviour, still have to run the conca...
2007-06-28 davidmove and freshen up apache2 module
2007-06-27 davidadd a define to handily add parts to a concatenated...
2007-06-25 davidcreate a stable result by sorting filenames
2007-06-25 davidfix dumb typo