add alias for compatibility
[puppet_common.git] / manifests / defines / modules_dir.pp
2010-09-02 mhadd alias for compatibility
2010-09-02 mhremove extra slash
2010-09-02 mhfix missing urls to 0.25.x
2010-09-02 mhfix missing urls to 0.25.x
2008-08-02 David Schmittminor fixes to .ignore and docs
2008-06-30 David Schmittmodules_dir: nail empty directory files/empty/ into...
2008-06-05 David Schmittremove one more $servername
2008-06-05 martin f. krafftdo not use $servername in puppet:// urls
2008-04-06 David Schmittre-enable automatic modules_dir source
2008-02-14 David Schmittmore BSD compatability from
2008-01-28 David Schmittcatchup commit
2007-10-27 rootcommon: fix default mode for modules_dir
2007-09-26 rootcommon: fix clash between modules_dir and concatenated_...
2007-08-01 davidadded local override for modules_dir and use it for ntp