remove unnecessary import
[puppet_common.git] / manifests / init.pp
2010-09-02 mhremove unnecessary import
2010-09-02 mhfixed quoting
2008-07-08 David Schmittmore corrections of .ignore
2008-06-05 martin f. krafftdo not use $servername in puppet:// urls
2008-02-14 David Schmittmore BSD compatability from
2007-10-06 David Schmittcommon: remove hand made plugins install defines and...
2007-08-08 davidrestructure puppet_install
2007-08-02 davidmoved puppet functions to common::puppetmaster
2007-08-01 davidadd forcible purging of directories
2007-07-14 davidpurge /var/lib/puppet/modules
2007-06-25 davidadded assert_lsbdistcodename
2007-06-25 davidfirst steps with the common module
2007-06-22 davidadded skeleton for common module