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[puppet_common.git] / manifests / defines / line.pp
2009-12-06 Silvio RhattoMerge git://
2009-09-03 Micah Andersonfix indentation in line.pp example configuration snippet
2009-07-29 Silvio RhattoTrying to fix line defintion
2009-06-09 David SchmittRDoc-ify documentation
2009-05-31 David SchmittMajor cleanup of the common module
2008-06-26 David Schmittline: do a full string match of $line instead of a...
2008-02-14 David Schmittmore BSD compatability from
2007-11-13 rootcommon: minor improvements to config_file, replace...
2007-10-26 rootcommon/line, ssh: style cleanup
2007-10-08 Micah AndersonAdd some examples to the individual defines
2007-08-26 David Schmittline($ensure) defaults to present
2007-06-25 davidfirst steps with the common module