2016-04-28 varacDont use curly braces in resource reference master
2012-11-29 Micah Andersonpassing install_method => '' to chose the default packa...
2012-11-21 Micah Andersonadd some backwards compatibility
2012-11-21 Micah Andersonfix $install_method to work properly
2012-11-20 Micah Andersonreplace $use_rvm with $install_method to enable more...
2012-11-13 Micah Andersonupdate README.md to provide information about different...
2012-10-17 Micah Andersonnote in README that Debian is also supported
2012-10-17 Micah Andersonenable other bundler installation possibilities
2012-10-17 Micah Andersonlint module
2012-09-12 Evan Stachowiakfixed bug when running bundler from user other than...
2012-08-28 Evan Stachowiakload ruby_version from bundler class instead of bundler...
2012-08-28 Evan Stachowiakadded ensure variable to install.pp
2012-08-27 Evan Stachowiakremoved default ruby version
2012-08-27 Evan Stachowiakadded license file
2012-07-10 Evan Stachowiakupdated README
2012-07-10 Evan Stachowiakinitial commit