Useful to control when a cron job runs to avoid all servers backing up
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2009-12-07 Micah AndersonMerge remote branch 'anarcat/master'
2009-09-24 Antoine BeaupreMerge commit 'micah/master'
2009-09-24 Antoine Beauprefix vserver lookup script
2009-06-25 Antoine Beaupredetect properly duplicity backups
2009-06-18 Antoine Beaupreadd -o flag to treat only one backup, add log detection
2009-06-16 Antoine Beaupreparse rdiff-backup logfile for the last real successful...
2009-04-27 Antoine Beaupreadd missing comma
2009-04-17 Antoine Beaupredrop the dom_sufx hack, calculate based on the parent...
2009-04-17 Antoine Beauprenote which is the parent
2009-04-17 Antoine Beaupredetect multiple vserver locations
2009-04-17 Antoine Beaupretry to refactor to detect vserver backups
2009-01-13 Antoine Beauprerewrite nagios check scripts in perl