2016-09-08 varacfix remove_stale_vms master
2016-08-31 elijahremoves hard coded paths and relies entirely on the...
2016-07-26 varactest cmd should use TAG
2016-07-22 varacFix openvpn gateway ip
2016-07-16 GitLab RunnerAdd remove_stale_vms
2016-07-16 varacFix add_nodes
2016-07-14 varacremove verbose output
2016-07-14 varacfilter creation of dynamic files
2016-07-14 GitLab Runnerimproved init_deploy
2016-07-13 GitLab Runnerremove update_platform
2016-07-05 varacignore net.ssh.authentication.agent eror
2016-07-05 GitLab Runnerfix platform and provider path
2016-07-05 varacRefactor for local builds
2016-07-03 varacremove trailing whitespaces
2016-07-02 varacupdated platform-test-common.cfg.example
2016-07-02 varacrun leap info when VMs are up
2016-07-02 GitLab Runnerfix puppet msg filter after cli->platform move
2016-06-30 varacrenamed: ->
2016-06-17 varacallow builds on master
2016-06-16 varacTrap any error
2016-06-16 varacbreak on unaccepted branch
2016-06-16 varaccheck for accepted branches
2016-06-16 varacadded buildscript to run builds from gitlab
2016-06-16 varacMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2016-06-16 varacmore robust checkout to switch from submodules to subrepos
2016-04-11 varacimproved leap_cli test script
2016-04-11 varacadded leap_cli test script
2016-03-08 varacFix dkim key msg
2016-02-24 varacignore dkim msgs, dont run extra deploy on bootstrap_nodes
2016-01-20 varacextended puppet msg blacklist, make update_platform...
2015-11-16 varacuse case-insensitive filter for puppet errors, checkout...
2015-11-16 varacensure all nodes are started before deploying
2015-10-31 varacfix versions() call
2015-10-31 varacPrint all errors after deploy run, add summary
2015-10-22 varacfinally fixed exit status, don't duplicate errors on...
2015-10-22 varacminor fixes
2015-10-22 rootImprove Output, added verbose flag
2015-10-22 rootfix exit codes on error
2015-09-13 varacMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2015-09-13 varacupdated msg filter to filter out flase-positive errors
2015-09-11 kwadronautmake sure vagrant.key has the right permissions. fixes...
2015-05-25 varacforce-run custom provisioning script, i.e. syncing...
2015-04-16 varacuse FAILURE_LOCKFILE for determining if deploy failure...
2015-04-15 varacupdate_platform() is now able to updated even if branch...
2015-04-15 varacUse two lockfiles now, one for indication a running...
2015-04-15 varacuse /var/run/lock/ for lockfile, and use a branch speci...
2015-04-15 varacrestructured the failure mails so they work correctly...
2015-04-15 Micah Andersonfix lock test
2015-04-15 Micah Andersonlock file should be in /var/run
2015-04-14 Micah Andersonadd a -l/--lock option to ci test script:
2015-04-14 Micah Andersonreformat to a standard format
2015-04-14 Micah Andersonalphabetize flags
2015-04-09 Micah Andersonadd an init_deploy, and reformat reset_deploy
2015-04-09 Micah Andersonmove the failure emails into functions so they can...
2015-04-09 Micah Andersonadd destroy_deploy function that will remove the vagran...
2015-02-11 varacignore updated leap_cli deploy messages
2015-01-28 varacmoved timestamping to the right place
2015-01-28 varacadded timestamps, really fail when there are other...
2014-12-10 varacupdated readme, config will be checked into git automat...
2014-12-10 varactrigger deploy when pushing to citest branch
2014-12-10 varacshow test option in the usage, don't check for running...
2014-12-09 varacfixed minor bugs on create_provider() and add_nodes()
2014-12-09 varacrun leap test with the --continue flag
2014-12-07 varacbootstrap: make sure machines are rebooted in order...
2014-09-09 varacfix bootstrap_nodes
2014-09-09 varacfix IP parsing and leap_cli option parsing
2014-09-03 varacfinished linting
2014-09-03 varacfirst round of linting
2014-08-26 varacintegrate run_tests into reset_deploy
2014-08-26 varacadded run_tests
2014-08-25 varacsorted functions order
2014-08-25 varacrun sudo bundle in order to install leap_cli properly
2014-08-25 varacupdated FILTER_PUPPET for 2 new puppet warnings
2014-04-19 varacimproved check if another instance of leap-platform...
2014-03-13 varacuse the --no-color flag (Feature #5305)
2014-03-07 varac--all now can deal with multiple services
2014-03-07 varacupdated FILTER_CLI
2014-03-07 varacadded testing of 0.6 branch
2014-03-07 varacPlatform Ci testing script doesn't report failures...
2013-10-22 varactook out debugging line
2013-10-22 varacdon't use global var to indicate failed deploy
2013-10-22 varacCI doesn't report deploy errors anymore (Bug #4180)
2013-10-22 varacadded leap_cli output "files/ca/client_ca.crt" to ignor...
2013-09-02 varacMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2013-09-02 varacsend mail on success too
2013-08-14 varacminor enhancements
2013-08-14 varacmaster is currently broken anyway, lets wait for 0.3
2013-07-24 varacCI: check for existing processes (Feature #3242)
2013-07-24 varacfilter 'Skipping because of failed dependencies'
2013-07-20 varactry ssh instead of ping to test if nodes are up
2013-07-20 varacuse IP_SUFFIX_START for IPs of node, better mail layout
2013-07-19 Leap Adminsenhancment of leap-repo-updated, leap_cli updates now...
2013-07-19 Leap Adminsremoved extra vagrant branch for leap_cli, updated...
2013-07-15 Leap Adminsoutput errors first in mail
2013-07-15 Leap Adminsminor enhancments
2013-07-08 Leap Adminsuse $LEAP_CMD so we can use different leap_cli versions...
2013-07-08 Leap Adminsminor enhancments
2013-07-08 Leap Adminsadded script used by gitolite hook to trigger test...
2013-07-08 Leap Adminsadded update_leap_cli and update_platform, make it...
2013-07-04 Leap Adminsupdated leap_cli filter