2016-12-07 Ola BiniFix out of memory errors and problems with older node...
2016-12-07 Tulio CasagrandeChange requirements to use our fork of python-gnupg
2016-12-07 Zara Gebru[fix] re-add right png of user agent architecture to...
2016-12-07 Zara Gebru[#801] serve signup page from signup resource
2016-12-07 Roald de Vries[#801] disable failing test until it's implemented
2016-12-07 Roald de Vries[#801] PEP8
2016-12-07 Zara Gebru[#801] add signup resource + tests
2016-12-07 Roald de Vries[#801] Merge branch 'signup'
2016-12-06 Zara Gebruclean up parameters of authsessionwrapper
2016-12-06 NavaL defaulting pip install to switch when requirements...
2016-12-06 Tulio CasagrandeRemove sleep time when waiting for interstitial
2016-12-06 NavaL[#862] setting gnupg loglevel to warnings
2016-12-06 Roald de Vriesremove some TODO's
2016-12-06 Zara Gebrufix parameter for root resource
2016-12-06 Roald de Vrieswipe python packages that already exist on reinstallation
2016-12-05 Roald de VriesMerge branch 'master' into signup
2016-12-05 Roald de Vriesno difference between dev and prod static files
2016-12-05 Roald de Vriesmove some static files to the right directory
2016-12-05 Roald de Vriesremove templates folder from root resource parameters
2016-12-05 Roald de Vriesuse static instead of {startup,public}-assets
2016-12-05 Roald de Vriesget templates from pkg_resources
2016-12-02 Zara Gebru[refactor] use static url instead of assets url
2016-12-02 NavaL[#625, #851] fixing log typo and adding test making...
2016-12-02 Tulio CasagrandeFinish first smoke test
2016-12-02 Zara Gebru[refactor] move app dir into public dir
2016-12-02 Tulio CasagrandeAdd support to run ipdb on error
2016-12-01 Tulio Casagrande[#849] Change unauthorized message
2016-12-01 Tulio CasagrandeIncrease interstitial timeout
2016-12-01 Tulio CasagrandeFix logout button reference to work on Firefox
2016-12-01 Tulio CasagrandeAdd support to use different webdrivers
2016-12-01 Roald de Vriesfix csrf in tags tests
2016-12-01 Roald de Vriesfix csrf in retrieve attachment test
2016-12-01 Roald de Vriesfix csrf in mark as read/unread tests
2016-12-01 Roald de Vriesfix csrf in drafts tests
2016-12-01 Roald de Vriesuse the right inbox template
2016-12-01 Roald de Vriesfix csrf for some integration tests
2016-12-01 Roald de Vriesfix root resource tests when zmq is not available
2016-12-01 Roald de VriesWIP: add csrf token to every request
2016-12-01 Denis CostaRemoves unused function
2016-11-30 Tulio CasagrandeAdd username to behave context
2016-11-30 Tulio CasagrandeAdd timeout to find by css selector
2016-11-30 Tulio CasagrandeAdd sign up smoke test
2016-11-30 Tulio CasagrandeExtract user agent initialization
2016-11-30 Renata NobreUpdate README.md
2016-11-30 Roald de Vriesadd csrf token to login form
2016-11-30 Roald de Vrieslog a warnin when root child is not explicitly public...
2016-11-30 Roald de Vriesremove PublicRootResource and use a flag on RootResourc...
2016-11-30 Tulio CasagrandeExtract slugify method
2016-11-30 Tulio CasagrandeSetup browser before_all method
2016-11-30 Roald de Vriesuse PublicRootResource for root url instead of LoginRes...
2016-11-30 Roald de Vriesredirect to login from root url when not logged in
2016-11-30 Roald de Vriesmock out usage of ZMQ in the right place
2016-11-29 Tulio CasagrandeImprove atomicity of checkbox operations
2016-11-29 Tulio CasagrandeAdd support for parameterization on error
2016-11-29 Tulio CasagrandeRemove twisted loggers from behave tests
2016-11-29 Tulio CasagrandeConvert URL constants to behave's userdata
2016-11-29 Denis CostaRemoves commented code
2016-11-29 Denis CostaRemoves unused variable
2016-11-29 Denis CostaImproves imports
2016-11-29 Denis CostaChanges print from command to function
2016-11-29 Denis CostaUpdate behave and selenium
2016-11-29 Roald de Vriesmock out usage or ZMQ
2016-11-29 Roald de Vriestest root resource delegation on a bit higher level
2016-11-29 Roald de Vriesmake login resource part of the public root resource
2016-11-29 Roald de Vriesassert login url is delegated correctly
2016-11-29 Roald de Vriesadd inbox resource
2016-11-29 Roald de Vriespass resources to pixelated realm
2016-11-29 Roald de VriesMerge branch 'master' into signup
2016-11-29 Roald de Vriesconstruct full path from fragments
2016-11-29 Roald de Vriesfix request mock for app test client
2016-11-29 Roald de Vriesroot resource inherits from public root
2016-11-29 Roald de Vriesmove adding csrf to base resource
2016-11-29 Roald de Vriesreturn resource instead of username/avatarId as avatar
2016-11-28 Roald de Vriessplit inbox resource out of root resource
2016-11-25 Roald de Vriesdon't mock the root resource in auth wrapper test
2016-11-25 Roald de Vriespass url *fragment* as path argument to getChildWithDefault
2016-11-25 Roald de Vriesmake credentialsFactories parameter to auth session...
2016-11-24 Tulio CasagrandeFix imports
2016-11-24 Roald de Vriesadd login resource as child of public root resource
2016-11-24 Roald de Vriesadd public root resource to serve static files
2016-11-24 Tulio CasagrandeChange leap forks to use 0xacab
2016-11-24 Roald de Vriesremove use of stdlib unittest from integration tests
2016-11-24 Roald de Vriesadd test for unauthorized resource
2016-11-24 Roald de Vriesmock out event registration for failing test in SnapCI
2016-11-24 Roald de Vriesremove another unnecessary patch
2016-11-24 Roald de Vriesremove an unnecessary patch
2016-11-23 Tayane Fernandes[#722] Changed color for the email list and action...
2016-11-23 Denis CostaFixes pep8
2016-11-23 Denis CostaAdds traceback to logs.
2016-11-23 Roald de Vriesmock out event registration for failing test in SnapCI
2016-11-23 Tayane Fernandes[#824] Add a border to the attachment button to make...
2016-11-23 Roald de Vriesremove another unnecessary patch
2016-11-23 Roald de Vriesremove an unnecessary patch
2016-11-23 Roald de Vriesskip the test that is failing in snap only in snap
2016-11-23 Roald de Vriesskip the test that is failing in snap but not locally
2016-11-23 Roald de Vriesmore verbose test output
2016-11-23 Roald de Vriesmore verbose test output
2016-11-23 Tulio CasagrandeChange the bitmask-dev repo to use our fork
2016-11-23 Roald de Vriesreplace stdlib's unittest with trials's unittest for...
2016-11-23 Roald de Vriesfix mails resource unit test