2017-01-19 Ola BiniClean up Makefile by unifying all phone targets, and...
2017-01-18 thaissiqueiraAdds link for Managing Translations page
2017-01-18 thaissiqueiraMerge pull request #911 from pixelated/login-unicode
2017-01-18 Anike ArniMerge pull request #910 from pixelated/remove-deb-gnupg
2017-01-17 Thais Siqueira[#885] Adds test to ensure the right type for user_uuid...
2017-01-17 Thais Siqueira[#885]Encodes user_uuid and passphrase to allow utf...
2017-01-16 Tulio CasagrandeRemove python-gnupg debian package as dependency
2017-01-16 Anike ArniMerge pull request #909 from pixelated/watch-js
2017-01-13 Anike ArniAdds js to watch command so that dev is faster in js
2017-01-13 Tulio CasagrandeFix js setup for vagrant
2017-01-13 Tulio CasagrandeMerge pull request #906 from pixelated/key_expiry
2017-01-13 Tulio CasagrandeMock register events to not complain about zmq certs
2017-01-12 Tayane FernandesRe-raise the exception after closing the session
2017-01-11 Tayane FernandesClose session when UploadKeyError occurs
2017-01-10 Tayane FernandesChange the logger.info to logger.debug
2017-01-10 Tulio CasagrandeCheck if key is synchronized with server at every login
2017-01-10 Tulio CasagrandeFix regenerate keys test flow
2017-01-10 Anike ArniMerge pull request #899 from bwagnerr/make
2017-01-09 Bruno WagnerMoved source to . so we are compatible with sh
2017-01-09 Bruno WagnerAdded special bundled requirements for pysqlcipher
2017-01-09 Bruno WagnerAdded error message in case virtualenv doesn't exist
2017-01-09 Bruno WagnerFunctional tests and linters can now be ran standalone
2017-01-09 Tulio CasagrandeLog user's current key for easier debug
2017-01-06 Tulio CasagrandeRaise exception when sending a renerated key fails
2017-01-06 Anike ArniRemoves soledad server (leap.soledad.server) from requi...
2017-01-05 Anike ArniRevert "[#888] Fix soledad class contract to be compati...
2017-01-04 Tulio CasagrandeMerge pull request #898 from bwagnerr/simplify_static
2017-01-04 Anike Arni[#888] Fix soledad class contract to be compatible...
2017-01-04 Tulio CasagrandeMerge pull request #900 from bwagnerr/fix_test_site
2017-01-04 Bruno WagnerMake target setup now only calls install
2017-01-04 Bruno WagnerSimplified service ./go to call make directly
2017-01-04 Tulio CasagrandeMerge pull request #901 from bwagnerr/remove_ssh_keydir
2017-01-03 Bruno WagnerMoved bower install to npm post_install
2017-01-03 Bruno WagnerRemoves directory sshKeyDir
2017-01-03 Bruno WagnerFixed mockito conflict with zope
2017-01-03 Bruno WagnerAdded coverage to the Makefile
2017-01-03 Bruno WagnerGo script is now using make to ease the transition
2017-01-03 Bruno WagnerAdds javascript build and tests to makefile
2017-01-03 Bruno WagnerCreates a unified makefile for pixelated client and...
2017-01-03 Bruno WagnerSimplifies the get_static_folder on RootResource
2017-01-02 Thais SiqueiraRemoves unused method
2017-01-02 Thais SiqueiraChange python-gnupg to use our branch of key extension
2017-01-02 NavaL[#851] minor refactoring, and using the right keymanage...
2017-01-02 NavaL[#850] refactoring as a result of moving should_renew...
2017-01-02 NavaL[#850] keys will now be renewed two months before expir...
2017-01-02 NavaL[#815] regenerating new keys when the current one expires
2017-01-02 NavaL[#815] regenerating new keys when the current one expires
2016-12-30 Anike ArniMerge pull request #893 from pixelated/webpack
2016-12-29 Anike ArniDelete require config file main.js
2016-12-29 Anike ArniMove package script to npm
2016-12-29 Anike ArniAdds back missing foundation bower dependency to fix...
2016-12-29 Anike ArniMove aliases to common folder for local and production...
2016-12-29 Anike ArniCompile sandbox files through webpack as well
2016-12-29 Anike ArniMakes sure builds include all necessary files
2016-12-29 Anike ArniUse only dist folder for serving application
2016-12-28 Anike ArniFixes offcanvas menu by moving foundation back to index...
2016-12-28 Anike ArniAdd compiled files to gitignore
2016-12-28 Anike ArniRemove requirejs compilation taks and options
2016-12-28 Anike ArniUse webpack files for packaging
2016-12-28 Anike ArniUse minified files for dependencies and copy them to...
2016-12-28 Anike ArniMove foundation from bower to npm and package them...
2016-12-28 Anike ArniUpdate package script to use webpack files
2016-12-28 Anike ArniBundles local files that were previously in script...
2016-12-28 Anike ArniCopy all necessary assest to dist folder to package...
2016-12-28 Anike ArniOutput javascript bundle in dist folder and use it...
2016-12-27 Anike ArniClarifies how js files are compiled by creating separat...
2016-12-27 Anike ArniFixes jshint by adding semicolon in index.js
2016-12-27 Anike ArniAdd webpack compilation to build, fix aliases, and...
2016-12-27 Anike ArniAdds index file for loading app with webpack
2016-12-27 Anike ArniRemoves almond from package.json as it will not be...
2016-12-27 Anike ArniRemove uneccessarily aliases in webpack
2016-12-27 Anike ArniMove all bower dependencies to npm
2016-12-27 Anike ArniCreate webpack config file and add aliases
2016-12-27 Anike ArniRemoves all unecessary node modules references from...
2016-12-22 Tayane FernandesRemoves inexistent link
2016-12-22 Tayane FernandesChanges board link
2016-12-22 Tayane FernandesFixes the steps
2016-12-22 Tayane FernandesAdds link to 'Furter Notes' and 'See the results'
2016-12-22 Tayane FernandesOrganizes installation steps
2016-12-22 Tayane FernandesUpdates board link
2016-12-20 Tayane FernandesRevert "Background settings"
2016-12-20 Tayane FernandesRevert "Removing specific background"
2016-12-20 Tayane FernandesRevert "Adding new css"
2016-12-20 SweetVirginiaAdding new css
2016-12-20 SweetVirginiaRemoving specific background
2016-12-20 SweetVirginiaBackground settings
2016-12-19 Tayane Fernandes[#847] Fixes the "Body" placeholder issue that isn...
2016-12-19 Tayane Fernandes[#847] Changing the 'Body' placeholder to be 'Message'
2016-12-14 Anike Arni[#845] Fixes pep8 line spacing
2016-12-14 Anike Arni[#845] Removes transparency from tag suggestions
2016-12-14 Anike Arni[#845] Remove spacing between tag input and sugestions
2016-12-14 Anike Arni[#845] Fixes absence of email in functional test
2016-12-14 Anike Arni[#845] Move add tag button to tag icon.
2016-12-14 Anike Arni[#845] Doesn't hide tag button when adding new tag
2016-12-14 Tulio CasagrandeMove functional tests to find elements with waits
2016-12-14 Denis Costa[#869] Move from stdlib to twisted trial unittest
2016-12-14 Tulio CasagrandeIncrease timeout between interstitial and inbox
2016-12-13 Zara Gebru[project-issues#410] change gif source
2016-12-13 Zara Gebru[project-issues#410] initalize pitchme presentation
2016-12-08 Tulio CasagrandeRemove dead code