2016-02-11 varacfix windows vagrant line ending issue
2016-02-11 Christoph Kluenterbump debian package version
2016-02-11 Felix HammerlMerge pull request #599 from ficoath/master
2016-02-11 Felix HammerlClarify optional steps to run test on host machine
2016-02-11 varacDon't use rsync on windows/vagrant by default
2016-02-11 varacdon't update venv on every login shell
2016-02-11 NavaLadds argument to supply custom disclaimer/banner on...
2016-02-11 Folker BernittRedownload SMTP certficates if necessary
2016-02-10 Felix HammerlExpand getting started guide
2016-02-10 Felix HammerlAdd virtualenv and GPG workaround to guide
2016-02-10 Felix HammerlFix Issue #596: Fix attachment url test
2016-02-10 Felix HammerlFix Issue #596: Provide correct content-type
2016-02-10 Folker BernittDownload SMTP client certificate, not VPN one
2016-02-10 Fiona CoathIssue #559 increased width of recipient input field
2016-02-10 Felix HammerlUpdate README.md
2016-02-10 Felix HammerlUpdate README.md
2016-02-10 Felix HammerlUpdate README.md
2016-02-10 Felix HammerlUpdate README.md
2016-02-09 NavaLmaking apt-get not read the whole script in debian_setup
2016-02-09 NavaLadding a sentence about contributing and minor edits...
2016-02-09 NavaLrefactored osx_setup and debian_setup to use install...
2016-02-09 NavaLadding OSX setup
2016-02-09 varacRefactor vagrant provisioning scripts
2016-02-09 Folker BernittClose account on session close
2016-02-09 Folker BernittMove sessions into SessionCache
2016-02-09 Folker BernittSmall fix to wrap entire KeyManager in test_nicknym.py
2016-02-09 NavaLadding OSX setup
2016-02-09 varacremove old dev.pixelated-project.org cert file
2016-02-08 varacInstall npm from debian package archive
2016-02-08 varacinstall bzip2 before installing phantomjs
2016-02-08 Felix HammerlIssue #549 - Add remove-icon styles
2016-02-08 Felix HammerlRevert "Issue #549 - Implemented UI part of remote...
2016-02-08 Felix HammerlRevert "Issue #549 - Implemented remove attachment"
2016-02-08 Felix HammerlRevert "Issue #549 - Removing the attachment from UI"
2016-02-08 Felix HammerlRevert "Issue #549 - Trigger save draft event after...
2016-02-08 Felix HammerlRevert "Issue #549 - Implemented remove attachment...
2016-02-08 varacalso use httpredir.debian.org for jessie-backports
2016-02-08 NavaLupdated read.me
2016-02-08 NavaLupdated read.me
2016-02-08 varacInstall virtualenv, install compass as .deb
2016-02-08 Felix HammerlAdd editorconfig
2016-02-08 NavaLrefactoring read me
2016-02-08 NavaLUpdated read me
2016-02-08 NavaLAdding vagrant setup online command
2016-02-08 NavaLmocking register/unregister key generation event, on...
2016-02-08 Felix HammerlMerge pull request #595 from rdoh/patch-1
2016-02-08 Robin DohertyUpdate CONTRIBUTING.md
2016-02-05 NavaLsuppressing Error logs being spit out in tests
2016-02-05 NavaLclosing the services closes leap session, which stops...
2016-02-05 Jefferson StachelskiIssue #549 - Implemented remove attachment in server...
2016-02-05 Jefferson StachelskiIssue #549 - Trigger save draft event after remove...
2016-02-05 Jefferson StachelskiIssue #549 - Removing the attachment from UI
2016-02-05 Jefferson StachelskiIssue #549 - Implemented remove attachment
2016-02-04 Felix HammerlIssue #551 - Remove unnecessary CSS
2016-02-04 Felix HammerlIssue #551 - Show attachment name during upload
2016-02-04 Felix HammerlDetach upload abort listener
2016-02-04 varacfix installation of useragent deb package
2016-02-04 varacupdate LEAP archive signing key
2016-02-03 Felix HammerlIssue #552 - Add upload abort
2016-02-03 GiovaneMake load test configurable when invites are disabled
2016-02-03 NavaLreverting unnecessary steps to not re-load leap-session...
2016-02-03 NavaLchecks to load leap sessions and services or not
2016-02-03 NavaLmove leap session creation to be done after interstitia...
2016-02-03 Felix HammerlDisplay progress bar when an upload is in progress
2016-02-02 NavaLAdded locustio to tests pip requirements.
2016-02-02 Victor Shybaremove commented line
2016-02-02 Victor ShybaMerge branch 'load', the load testing code
2016-02-02 Victor Shybaload test now using invites
2016-02-02 Folker BernittLog some times to identify very slow parts
2016-02-02 NavaLWIP
2016-02-02 Folker BernittLog time to load mail lists from mailstore
2016-02-02 Folker BernittDon't load attachments when just listing mails
2016-02-01 Jefferson StachelskiIssue #549 - Implemented UI part of remote attachments
2016-02-01 GiovaneFix unit tests
2016-02-01 GiovaneFix parameters order on _set_fresh_account #587
2016-02-01 Folker BernittAdd pycryptopp as we depend on it
2016-02-01 Folker BernittCheck exactly at border limit of one megabyte
2016-01-29 Victor ShybaTesting Choose another file and dismiss buttons.
2016-01-29 Victor ShybaRefactoring tests.
2016-01-29 Victor Shybatesting filesize validation, on attachments
2016-01-29 Folker BernittFix: Only act on generated keys for current user
2016-01-28 Gislene PereiraIssue #550 - Adding BDD tests to cover case when file...
2016-01-28 Gislene PereiraIssue #550 - Adding missing hbs file.
2016-01-28 Folker BernittAdd Strict-Transport-Security header to user agent
2016-01-28 Folker BernittAdd original attachments to forwared mails
2016-01-28 NavaLadded ft step
2016-01-28 NavaLmaking async setup user services after auth
2016-01-28 NavaLremoved unnecessary imports, and wrong yields
2016-01-27 Gislene PereiraRevert "Issue #550 - Adding BDD tests to cover case...
2016-01-27 Gislene PereiraIssue #550 - [Refactor] Fixing magic number.
2016-01-27 Gislene PereiraIssue #550 - Adding BDD tests to cover case when file...
2016-01-27 GiovaneKeep attachments when forwarding a mail #509
2016-01-27 Folker BernittFixup: Somehow mixed up disable and enable
2016-01-27 Folker BernittDisable CSP for phantomjs
2016-01-27 Folker BernittAdd a login multi user functional test
2016-01-26 Gislene PereiraIssue #550 - Alert user when attachment size exceeds...
2016-01-26 Folker BernittRefactor test account account creation into own class
2016-01-26 NavaLminor refactorings
2016-01-26 NavaLtests only input names on the login form
2016-01-25 NavaLadded integration test