2017-08-02 Ruben Pollan[feat] use whisk icon for mixnets master
2017-08-01 Ruben Pollan[feat] Display mixnet status on outgoing emails
2017-07-27 Ruben Pollan[pkg] make pydist work in a clean env
2017-07-27 Ruben Pollan[feat] display the mixnet status on incomming emails
2017-07-25 Kali Kaneko[pkg] add dependency to chardet
2017-07-25 Kali Kaneko[pkg] add target for uploading to pypi
2017-07-25 Kali Kaneko[pkg] packaging and path changes
2017-07-25 Kali Kanekoadd readme with missing deps
2017-07-25 Kali Kanekobump UI version in package.json
2017-07-24 Kali Kaneko[pkg] modify setup.py info after fork
2017-07-24 Kali Kaneko... pep8
2017-07-24 Kali Kaneko... add timestamp to pixelated-user-agent package too
2017-07-24 Kali Kaneko... [feature] allow to pass a static_folder to RootResource
2017-07-24 Kali Kaneko... [feature] package web-ui as a distributable python...
2017-06-07 VaracFix virtualenv path in .bashrc
2017-06-07 VaracRemove old unused files again
2017-06-07 VaracRun activate_custom_node_modules.sh from .bashrc
2017-06-07 VaracRevert "Revert "Use "make install" to install useragent...
2017-06-06 Tulio CasagrandeMerge pull request #1080 from pixelated/chromedriver
2017-06-06 Tulio CasagrandeAdd missing requires to chromedriver module
2017-06-06 Tulio CasagrandeRemove old chromedriver path
2017-06-06 Tulio CasagrandeInstall chromedriver from github
2017-06-02 Tayane FernandesMerge pull request #1079 from pixelated/split_node_modules
2017-06-02 Tayane FernandesOrganizing npm libraries
2017-06-02 varacSplit node modules into production and development...
2017-06-02 Tayane FernandesMerge pull request #1078 from pixelated/fix-vagrant
2017-06-01 Tayane FernandesRevert "Remove old unused files"
2017-06-01 Tayane FernandesRevert "Remove leftover files/activate_custom_node_modu...
2017-06-01 Tayane FernandesRevert "Use "make install" to install useragent from...
2017-06-01 Tulio CasagrandeFix _attach_key mock to reflect bitmask-dev changes
2017-05-30 varacUse phantomjs from jessie-backports
2017-05-29 varacRemove old unused files
2017-05-24 varacRemove leftover files/activate_custom_node_modules.sh
2017-05-24 varacUse "make install" to install useragent from source
2017-05-24 varacRemove pixelated apt repo and deb vagrant box
2017-05-18 varacAdd gitlab-ci.yml to allow local and remote builds
2017-05-18 varacUpdate build-deps
2017-05-17 Anike ArniMoves contributions section on README
2017-05-16 Tayane FernandesRemove unused installation scripts
2017-05-16 varacUpdate debian/changelog with tag 1.0beta2
2017-05-15 Tulio CasagrandeUpdate local LEAP provider instructions
2017-05-15 Tayane FernandesAdd text to design contributions
2017-05-15 Anike ArniFixes watch command for vagrant environments
2017-05-12 Anike ArniFixes compass watch command
2017-05-12 Anike ArniUpdates format for links to wiki pages in README
2017-05-12 Anike ArniRemoves deployment step from circle ci
2017-05-12 Tayane FernandesReplace the website url by github url
2017-05-12 Tayane FernandesReplace the website url by github url
2017-05-12 Sriram ViswanathanUpdates with local certificate setup
2017-05-11 Denis CostaAdds a run task to Makefile.
2017-05-10 Tulio CasagrandeClarify instructions for the local provider installation
2017-05-10 Tulio CasagrandeUpdate development installation instructions
2017-05-10 Sriram ViswanathanRemove dockerfile
2017-05-10 Sriram ViswanathanRevert "Trigger Docker build"
2017-05-10 Tayane FernandesRemove a unused provider url
2017-05-10 Tayane FernandesRemove a unused provider url
2017-05-10 Tayane FernandesUpdate Readme
2017-05-10 Tayane FernandesAdd the Single User vs Multi User page link
2017-05-10 Tayane FernandesExtrated Multi user mode session
2017-05-10 Tayane FernandesExtrated Developer Setup On Native OS session
2017-05-09 Tayane FernandesAdd 'start development page' in the README
2017-05-09 Tulio CasagrandeAdd rule to change to vagrant folder on login
2017-05-09 Tulio CasagrandeChange chromedriver to latest version
2017-05-08 Tulio CasagrandeUpdate development installation instructions
2017-05-08 Tayane FernandesUpdating readme
2017-05-08 Tayane FernandesUpdate CONTRIBUTING.md
2017-05-05 Anike ArniUpdates email contact in CONTRIBUTING.md
2017-05-03 Sriram ViswanathanTrigger Docker build
2017-05-02 Sriram ViswanathanUpdated component diagram
2017-05-02 Anike ArniRemoves "try it out" section from README
2017-05-02 Anike ArniChanges link to translations instructions
2017-05-02 Anike ArniRemoves references to team's way of working and moves...
2017-05-02 Tayane FernandesResize images for css wiki page
2017-05-02 Tayane FernandesAdd images to CSS wiki page
2017-04-27 Sriram ViswanathanPixelated component diagram using draw.io
2017-04-27 Sriram ViswanathanPixelate component diagram
2017-04-27 Sriram ViswanathanRemove old architecture diagram
2017-04-27 Sriram ViswanathanUpdated component diagram
2017-04-27 thaissiqueiraAdding link to 'Running Tests' wiki on readme
2017-04-27 Anike ArniFixes indentation on CONTRIBUTING.md
2017-04-27 Anike ArniRemoves the first-steps.md as it was moved to wiki
2017-04-27 Anike ArniUpdates CONTRIBUTING.md
2017-04-27 Anike ArniFixes link for contribuiting
2017-04-27 Anike ArniRemoves continuous integration section from README
2017-04-27 Anike ArniDeletes maintenance doc as it's now in the wiki
2017-04-26 Thais SiqueiraSets specific chromedriver and chromium versions to...
2017-04-26 Sriram ViswanathanPixelated Architecture Diagram
2017-04-26 Anike ArniMerge pull request #1065 from pixelated/diagram-account...
2017-04-26 Thais SiqueiraFix recovery code mail functional test
2017-04-26 Thais SiqueiraIncludes logout after scenarios
2017-04-26 Thais SiqueiraAdds step do run smoke tests
2017-04-26 Anike ArniAdds account recovery gif to doc
2017-04-24 Tayane FernandesMerge pull request #1063 from pixelated/logout_refresh
2017-04-24 Sriram ViswanathanRefresh before logout on functional tests
2017-04-24 Sriram ViswanathanFix javascript console errors
2017-04-20 Anike ArniMerge pull request #1058 from pixelated/recovery-code...
2017-04-20 Anike Arni[#927] Uses internal email date method for consistency
2017-04-20 Anike ArniMerge pull request #1056 from pixelated/recovery-code...
2017-04-20 Anike Arni[#927] Sets default language to en-US
2017-04-20 Anike Arni[#927] Calls the public method intead of private one...