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2017-07-24bump UI version in package.jsonKali Kaneko
2017-06-02Organizing npm librariesTayane Fernandes
2017-06-02Split node modules into production and development groupsvarac
2017-04-04Upgrade eslintThais Siqueira
2017-03-27[#932] Upgrades eslint versionAnike Arni
2017-03-21Freeze node libraries versionsTulio Casagrande
2017-03-16[#924] Updates recovery code on backup account submitThais Siqueira
2017-03-14[#971] Extract Backup email page to a new componentTayane Fernandes
2017-03-13Merge branch 'master' into makefile-testsAnike Arni
2017-03-10[#923] Add email validation error on backup account pageTayane Fernandes
2017-03-07[#923] Add material-ui frameworkTayane Fernandes
2017-03-01[#907] Puts autofocus on username field.Thais Siqueira
2017-02-24[#907] Moves tests to directories componentsThais Siqueira
2017-02-23[#907] Minifies png imagesAnike Arni
2017-02-23[#907] Minifies svg imagesAnike Arni
2017-02-21Fix production environments css directoryAnike Arni
2017-02-13[#922] Runs integration test in test scriptAnike Arni
2017-02-10[#922] Adds integration test for translationsAnike Arni
2017-02-09[#922] Add dynamic page titleTayane Fernandes
2017-02-08[#922] Add css autoprefixer for compatibility with browsersAnike Arni
2017-02-08[#922] Add test coverage for new js filesAnike Arni
2017-02-08[#922] Adds eslint for react and es6 filesAnike Arni
2017-02-07[#922] Refactoring react folder structureTayane Fernandes
2017-02-07Simplify test routines to not install packages every timeTulio Casagrande
2017-02-07[#922] Add i18n translations for reactTayane Fernandes
2017-02-06[#922] Add back linkTayane Fernandes
2017-02-06[#922] Add accessibility warning in dev envTayane Fernandes
2017-02-03[#922] Move new js tests to mochaAnike Arni
2017-02-03[#922] Adds css to account recoveryAnike Arni
2017-02-01[#922] Add react testsAnike Arni
2017-02-01[#922] Add reactAnike Arni
2017-01-13Adds js to watch command so that dev is faster in jsAnike Arni
2017-01-13Fix js setup for vagrantTulio Casagrande
2017-01-03Moved bower install to npm post_installBruno Wagner
2016-12-29Move package script to npmAnike Arni
2016-12-29Compile sandbox files through webpack as wellAnike Arni
2016-12-28Fixes offcanvas menu by moving foundation back to index.htmlAnike Arni
2016-12-28Remove requirejs compilation taks and optionsAnike Arni
2016-12-28Use webpack files for packagingAnike Arni
2016-12-28Use minified files for dependencies and copy them to dist folder with webpackAnike Arni
2016-12-28Move foundation from bower to npm and package them with webpackAnike Arni
2016-12-28Update package script to use webpack filesAnike Arni
2016-12-27Clarifies how js files are compiled by creating separate npm taskAnike Arni
2016-12-27Add webpack compilation to build, fix aliases, and add babelAnike Arni
2016-12-27Removes almond from package.json as it will not be needed with webpackAnike Arni
2016-12-27Move all bower dependencies to npmAnike Arni
2016-12-27Removes all unecessary node modules references from package.jsonAnike Arni
2016-12-08Revert "[#801] Merge branch 'signup'"Roald de Vries
2016-12-05no difference between dev and prod static filesRoald de Vries
2016-12-02[refactor] use static url instead of assets urlZara Gebru