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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-05-12Removes deployment step from circle ciAnike Arni
2017-05-10Revert "Trigger Docker build"Sriram Viswanathan
2017-05-03Trigger Docker buildSriram Viswanathan
2017-04-04Revert fixes attempts on circle.ymlThais Siqueira
2017-04-04[fix-build] Adds 'npm rebuild' before testThais Siqueira
2017-04-04[fix-build] Adds clean_all before lintersThais Siqueira
2017-03-29[#1022] Make screenshots directory available as an artifactSriram Viswanathan
2017-03-29[#1022] Triggers deploy on GoCDSriram Viswanathan
2017-03-29[#1022] Adds coverall task to the buildSriram Viswanathan
2017-03-29[#1022] CircleCI build configuration fileSriram Viswanathan