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2017-05-08Update development installation instructionsTulio Casagrande
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2017-04-10Adds instructions on how to install pixelated on READMEAnike Arni
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2017-02-27Fix vagrant instructionsvarac
2017-01-09Functional tests and linters can now be ran standaloneBruno Wagner
2016-12-22Removes inexistent linkTayane Fernandes
2016-12-22Fixes the stepsTayane Fernandes
2016-12-22Adds link to 'Furter Notes' and 'See the results'Tayane Fernandes
2016-12-22Organizes installation stepsTayane Fernandes
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2016-06-27Updates README with info about translation files managementCaio Carrara
2016-06-15we only have amd64 packagesChristoph Kluenter
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2016-03-31Added try it and installation sectionsFelix Hammerl
2016-03-22Changed beginners label to volunteer tasks in the readmesNavaL
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