Fix out of memory errors and problems with older node versions that stopped vagrant...
[pixelated-user-agent.git] / Vagrantfile
2016-12-07 Ola BiniFix out of memory errors and problems with older node...
2016-06-29 varacRevert "Don't use rsync on windows/vagrant by default"
2016-03-17 Gislene PereiraMerge branch 'loading-logo'
2016-03-15 Jon NewsonMerge branch 'master' of
2016-03-11 Thais SiqueiraUpdate locust test to run after xsrf token implementation.
2016-02-11 Felix HammerlMerge pull request #599 from ficoath/master
2016-02-11 varacDon't use rsync on windows/vagrant by default
2016-01-04 Bruno WagnerChanged wheezy backports to jessie
2015-12-28 Gabriel Albo #563 merging from recipients
2015-12-28 Bruno WagnerChanged vagrant box to new LEAP jessie box
2015-12-17 GiovaneRemove junk from old modifications.
2015-12-17 GiovaneFixes sync on debian/jessie box #556
2015-12-15 GiovaneUpdates vagrant box image and fix jshint path.
2015-05-07 rafael lisboavagrant: roll back base box to wheezy since leap platfo...
2015-05-06 rafael lisboacleanup Vagrantfile, use LEAP/jessie base box (#385)
2015-05-04 Bruno Wagner GonçalvesMerge pull request #389 from pixelated-project/srp_changes
2015-04-28 Bruno WagnerUpdated user agent vagrant to run on Jessie
2015-04-28 Bruno WagnerRemoved hackday vagrant while cleaning up the vagrantfile
2015-03-25 Lisa JungerMerge branch '192' of
2015-03-23 Alabê DuarteInsteads of raising out, it installs the plugin if...
2015-03-23 Alabê DuarteAdds vbguest plugin configuration in order to avoid...
2015-02-16 varacremoved comment that we require jessie
2015-02-12 Duda DornellesFixing port forwarding for vagrant
2015-02-12 varacUse wheezy for vagrant source box #272
2015-02-11 Folker Bernitt(Re-)added auto setup of vagrant ssh.
2015-02-10 varacMake port-forwading use for libvirt provider...
2015-02-09 varacMerge branch 'master' of
2015-02-09 Patrick MaiaFix debian package dependencies in Vagrant deb box...
2015-02-05 Jefferson#268 Added a condition on vagrant file to apply synced...
2015-01-29 Lourenço SoaresFixing VagrantFile to work on Windows (with Cygwin)
2015-01-29 Christoph Kluenterfix typo
2015-01-26 varacadd guest ip for vagrant port forwarding, because usera...
2015-01-23 Folker BernittIssue #244: Provide build script.
2015-01-22 Pixpoa pairingMerging wheezy-packages branch
2015-01-22 Folker BernittIssue #244: Preparations for hackday vagrant image.
2015-01-21 Duda Dornelles#240 downgrading versions to be wheezy-compatible....
2015-01-19 Bruno WagnerPort must be int for the binding to work
2015-01-19 varacMerge branch 'vagrant_multimachine'
2015-01-19 varacadded Vagrantfile and provision scripts
2014-12-22 Bruno WagnerVagrant box is now provisioned with puppet
2014-12-02 Bruno WagnerUpdated vagrant box to have 1gb of RAM and to run rng...
2014-11-21 Bruno WagnerRevert "Hacknight exclusive commits"
2014-11-20 Christoph Kluenterchange Vagrantfile for Hacknight
2014-11-20 Duda DornellesMerge pull request #156 from mmircea16/vagrant
2014-11-19 Mircea MoiseAdded vagrantfile and provisioning scripts so the servi...