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[pixelated-user-agent.git] / service / go
2017-06-02 Tayane FernandesMerge pull request #1078 from pixelated/fix-vagrant
2017-06-01 Tayane FernandesRevert "Remove old unused files"
2017-05-29 varacRemove old unused files
2017-01-10 Anike ArniMerge pull request #899 from bwagnerr/make
2017-01-04 Bruno WagnerSimplified service ./go to call make directly
2017-01-03 Bruno WagnerMoved bower install to npm post_install
2017-01-03 Bruno WagnerGo script is now using make to ease the transition
2016-12-08 Roald de VriesRevert "[#801] Merge branch 'signup'"
2016-12-07 Roald de Vries[#801] Merge branch 'signup'
2016-12-06 NavaL defaulting pip install to switch when requirements...
2016-12-06 Roald de Vrieswipe python packages that already exist on reinstallation
2016-12-05 Roald de VriesMerge branch 'master' into signup
2016-12-02 Tulio CasagrandeFinish first smoke test
2016-11-23 Roald de Vriesmore verbose test output
2016-11-23 Roald de Vriesmore verbose test output
2016-11-04 Roald de Vriesmake integration tests pass on Mac OS X
2016-09-26 NavaLcleaning pyc files before running tests
2016-04-06 Christoph KluenterRevert "use a locale that is always available and suppo...
2016-04-06 Christoph KluenterRevert "use a working utf-8 locale in more places"
2016-04-06 Christoph Kluenteruse a working utf-8 locale in more places
2016-04-06 Christoph Kluenteruse a locale that is always available and supports...
2016-01-22 Folker BernittRemove zmq folder before running tests
2016-01-08 Bruno WagnerAdded c flag so pycryptopp compiles in OSX
2016-01-04 Folker BernittRename develop_requirements.txt to requirements.txt
2015-12-28 Gabriel Albo #563 merging from recipients
2015-12-28 Bruno WagnerDev requirements now use u1db and dirspec from launchpa...
2015-10-21 Jefferson StachelskiMerge branch 'master' of
2015-10-12 Folker BernittRemove zmq server.key before unit tests are run
2015-09-21 GiovaneFixes coverage report error
2015-08-11 Victor Shybareenabled parallelism on integration tests
2015-08-11 Victor Shybareinstall to latest gnupg on go script
2015-08-11 Folker BernittInstall develop HEAD dependencies on ./go setup.
2015-08-11 Folker BernittRun integration tests sequentially.
2015-04-27 Rafael LisboaMerge pull request #373 from roberto/master
2015-04-13 Tiago FerrazAdded call of pep8 and jshit in when passing coverage_a...
2015-03-30 Tiago FerrazAdded command to execute functional tests
2015-03-25 Lisa JungerMerge branch '192' of
2015-03-23 Bruno Wagner-e will not run on all the steps anymore
2015-03-23 Bruno WagnerThe whole go script runs with -e now, this will make...
2015-03-09 Alexandre Pretto... Don't run jshint when running python tests
2015-03-09 Alexandre Pretto... Make test suite stop if any test brake
2015-02-12 Tiago FerrazAdding Coverage Commands to service/go
2015-02-11 Tiago FerrazGeneral Refactoring
2015-02-10 Bruno WagnerFixed identation on the go script
2015-02-04 Neissi Torres LimaFixing setupjs
2015-02-03 Duda DornellesAuto-detecting the number of cores to run integration...
2015-01-30 Pixpoa pairingMerge branch 'message_sending_error_handling'
2015-01-29 Bruno WagnerFixed typo in gnupg package hack
2015-01-28 Jefferson StachelskiAdded pip commands to uninstall and install right versi...
2015-01-22 Pixpoa pairingMerging wheezy-packages branch
2015-01-22 Pixpoa pairing #224 using text reporter for trial - it is the same...
2015-01-22 Pixpoa pairing #224 moving to trial as test runner
2015-01-21 Bruno WagnerAdded -w because nosetests was thinking we wanted to...
2015-01-20 Bruno WagnerFixed the arguments passing of the go script, setup...
2015-01-14 Bruno WagnerRemoved requirements (we are back to using
2015-01-12 Bruno WagnerAdded jshint to the go test
2015-01-09 Duda Dornelles#164 sometimes a mail with more than one alternative...
2015-01-08 Alexandre PrettoMake it easier to run unit, integration and pep8 tests
2015-01-07 Duda DornellesMerge pull request #223 from pixelated-project/refactor...
2015-01-06 Bruno WagnerNpm build already runs clean
2015-01-06 Bruno WagnerNose --no-capture was spilling garbage over the tests
2015-01-06 Bruno WagnerService ./go has some new tricks
2014-11-20 Duda DornellesMerge pull request #156 from mmircea16/vagrant
2014-11-20 Duda DornellesMerge pull request #155 from mmircea16/bootstrap
2014-11-18 Duda DornellesDeferring TagsController.tags and fixing tests to deal...
2014-08-22 Duda Dornellesre-adding go script to run python [args]
2014-08-20 Bruno Wagner GoncalvesRemoved go and runtests - develop creates...
2014-08-20 Bruno Wagner GoncalvesAdded and changed app to pixelated because...
2014-08-07 Victor ShybaVictor/Bruno: Removing APP_ROOT workaround from app...
2014-08-05 Neissi Torres LimaNow you can run the server and the tests without changi...
2014-08-04 Bruno Wagner GoncalvesImported bitmask libraries to service
2014-08-01 Duda DornellesPixelated user agent REST api without implementation