Run from .bashrc
[pixelated-user-agent.git] / provisioning / modules / pixelated / manifests / source / install_useragent.pp
2017-06-07 VaracRun from .bashrc
2017-06-07 VaracRevert "Revert "Use "make install" to install useragent...
2017-06-02 Tayane FernandesMerge pull request #1078 from pixelated/fix-vagrant
2017-06-01 Tayane FernandesRevert "Use "make install" to install useragent from...
2017-05-24 varacUse "make install" to install useragent from source
2017-05-09 Tulio CasagrandeAdd rule to change to vagrant folder on login
2017-01-23 Anike ArniMerge pull request #947 from pixelated/keep-exception...
2017-01-23 Anike ArniMerge pull request #921 from annacruz/long-recipients...
2017-01-21 Tulio CasagrandeMerge pull request #946 from pixelated/virtual-env-fix
2017-01-20 Anike ArniRemoves old virutalenv that is no longer being used
2016-07-14 Christoph Kluenterset NODE_PATH in shell
2016-02-11 Felix HammerlMerge pull request #599 from ficoath/master
2016-02-11 varacdon't update venv on every login shell
2015-02-12 varacUse wheezy for vagrant source box #272