[feature] allow to pass a static_folder to RootResource
[pixelated-user-agent.git] / service / pixelated / resources / __init__.py
2017-07-24 Kali Kaneko (leap... [feature] allow to pass a static_folder to RootResource
2017-03-31 Thais Siqueira[#927] Log exception with recovery code
2017-03-31 Thais Siqueira[#927] Implements sending recovery code by email.
2017-03-20 Anike ArniMerge pull request #1015 from pixelated/generate-recove...
2017-03-20 Anike Arni[#1012] Refactors how we retrieve soledad service
2017-03-17 Anike Arni[#1012] Refactors getting soledad service in BaseResource
2017-03-13 Anike ArniMerge branch 'master' into makefile-tests
2017-02-20 Tulio CasagrandeMerge pull request #980 from pixelated/interstitial...
2017-02-16 Anike Arni[#907] Bundles login static files separately
2017-02-01 Tayane FernandesMerge pull request #954 from pixelated/spinner
2017-01-31 Anike ArniMerge pull request #948 from pixelated/authentication...
2017-01-25 Tulio CasagrandeExtract duplicated methods to a common parent
2016-12-08 Roald de VriesRevert "[#801] Merge branch 'signup'"
2016-12-07 Roald de Vries[#801] Merge branch 'signup'
2016-12-05 Roald de VriesMerge branch 'master' into signup
2016-12-01 Roald de VriesWIP: add csrf token to every request
2016-11-29 Roald de VriesMerge branch 'master' into signup
2016-11-29 Roald de Vriesmove adding csrf to base resource
2016-10-19 Bruno WagnerAdapted logging in the UA to use twisted.logger
2016-06-24 NavaLIssue #694 add an admin restricted resource for user...
2016-06-23 NavaLrefactoring: renaming services factory methods to relat...
2016-06-02 Blake WilliamsRootResource should return 503 during startup (#699)
2016-05-31 ChristophMerge pull request #701 from shabbyrobe/fix-issue-695
2016-05-27 Bruno WagnerMerge pull request #700 from shabbyrobe/twisted-wrong...
2016-05-26 shabbyrobeUpdated calls to addRawHeader to use setRawHeaders
2016-05-13 Felix HammerlIssue #691: Refactor to Twisted 16.1.1
2016-04-13 Felix HammerlIssue #431: Review
2016-04-11 Bruno WagnerRemoved general timings from methods
2016-04-11 Thais SiqueiraMerge branch 'dev/622-hide-reply-container'
2016-04-08 Zara GebruIssue #431: extractes the generic handling for error...
2016-02-26 Jon NewsonMerge branch 'master' of https://github.com/pixelated...
2016-02-25 NavaLBackend and frontend protection against csrf attacks:
2016-02-05 NavaLclosing the services closes leap session, which stops...
2016-02-02 Victor ShybaMerge branch 'load', the load testing code
2016-02-02 Folker BernittLog some times to identify very slow parts
2016-01-25 NavaLmulti user unit test
2016-01-22 Folker BernittAdd mutli-user mode to user-agent
2016-01-18 NavaLmigrating feedback resources to use services factory
2016-01-18 NavaLmigrating mails resources to use services factory
2016-01-18 NavaLmigrating contact resources to use the services factory
2016-01-18 NavaLmigrating AttachmentsResources to use the service factory
2016-01-18 Folker BernittRefactory KeyResource to get services from session
2015-10-21 Jefferson StachelskiMerge branch 'master' of https://github.com/SamuelToh...
2015-08-11 Folker BernittChanged test_delete_mail.py integration test to new...
2015-02-18 Duda Dornelles#294 - not failing service startup if smtp fails to...
2015-02-04 Duda DornellesRefactoring more of resource logic into service. No...
2015-01-22 Pixpoa pairingMerging wheezy-packages branch
2015-01-22 Duda Dornelles #224 fixing tests and app for twisted migration
2015-01-21 Duda Dornelles#240 Adapted tests after change to twisted web
2015-01-21 Duda Dornelles#224 App is working without klein - migration to twiste...