Remove old architecture diagram
[pixelated-user-agent.git] / .gitignore
2017-03-13 Anike ArniMerge branch 'master' into makefile-tests
2017-02-24 Tulio CasagrandeMerge pull request #993 from pixelated/login-errors
2017-02-24 Thais Siqueira[#907] Adds npm-debug.log. on .gitignore
2017-02-08 Anike ArniMerge pull request #965 from pixelated/backup-email...
2017-02-08 Anike Arni[#922] Add test coverage for new js files
2016-12-30 Anike ArniMerge pull request #893 from pixelated/webpack
2016-12-28 Anike ArniAdd compiled files to gitignore
2016-12-27 Anike ArniAdd webpack compilation to build, fix aliases, and...
2016-12-08 Roald de VriesRevert "[#801] Merge branch 'signup'"
2016-12-07 Roald de Vries[#801] Merge branch 'signup'
2016-12-05 Roald de VriesMerge branch 'master' into signup
2016-12-05 Roald de Vriesno difference between dev and prod static files
2016-12-02 Zara Gebru[refactor] move app dir into public dir
2016-11-29 Roald de VriesMerge branch 'master' into signup
2016-11-18 Tayane Fernandes[#801] Fix gitignore file to use more absolute paths
2016-11-18 Roald de Vriesserve signup page through twisted
2016-11-18 Roald de Vriesrename react subdir to signup
2016-11-16 Roald de Vriesadd a form and use fetch
2016-04-11 Thais SiqueiraMerge branch 'dev/622-hide-reply-container'
2016-03-30 Bruno Wagner GonçalvesMerge pull request #663 from kalikaneko/tests/remove...
2016-03-24 Kali Kaneko (leap... [tests] stop tracking top-folder _trial_temp
2016-02-28 Jon NewsonMerge branch 'master' of
2016-02-26 Felix HammerlMerge pull request #633 from thokari/pixelated-master
2016-02-26 Thomas Hirschadded note about credentials config file
2015-02-12 Tiago FerrazAdd generation of coverage information from jasmine...
2015-02-09 varacadded /config to .gitignore so ppl can put their config...
2015-01-22 Pixpoa pairingMerging wheezy-packages branch
2015-01-22 Duda Dornelles#224 adding trial temp folder to gitignore
2015-01-12 varacadded pixelated.cfg to .gitignore so we can put a custo...
2014-12-24 Bruno WagnerRemoved some legacy things from gitignore
2014-10-08 Folker BernittAdded logout link to dispatcher (issue #55).
2014-09-09 Christoph Kluenterignore all egg-info files
2014-08-22 Duda Dornellesignoring egg-info file
2014-08-21 Duda Dornellesadding deamon start|stop|restart|killall scripts for...
2014-08-13 Duda Dornellesadding package script for pixelated user agent
2014-08-12 Duda Dornellesadding mails query, tags and contacts to py-fake-service
2014-08-06 Duda DornellesDuda/Colucci: downloading medium mail set on request
2014-08-04 Alexandre Pretto... Move web server functionality to the service, and updat...
2014-07-31 Ola BiniAdd inboxapp temporary service
2014-07-31 Ola BiniAdd fake-service
2014-07-31 Ola BiniAdd gitignore and gitattributes