2016-08-26 Azul[test] initial .gitlab-ci.yml file
2016-07-21 azulMerge pull request #6 from pixelated/by_fingerprint
2016-07-13 Zara Gebru[FEATURE] fetch key by fingerprint
2016-07-12 Zara Gebru[Test] get email form hkp
2016-07-12 Zara Gebru[refactor] encapsulate get key by email
2016-07-12 azulMerge pull request #5 from azul/celluloid
2016-07-04 Azulfix start / stop script
2016-07-02 Azulrefactor: turn EmailAddress into a class, cleanup
2016-07-02 Azulrefactor: replace blocks/yields with returns
2016-07-02 Azulminor: silence warnings and cleanup
2016-06-30 Azuluse proper ssl connection with ca_file - green!
2016-06-30 Azulactually use celluloid io for http requests
2016-06-30 Azulfix host header handling and tests
2016-06-30 AzulTrying to replace EM base server with reel
2016-06-30 Azulupdate webmock version
2016-06-24 Azulfirst attempt at using celluloid instead of em - broken
2016-06-21 Azulrefactor: change send_response -> respond in em_server
2016-06-21 azulMerge pull request #4 from azul/refactor/separate-em...
2016-06-20 Azulseperate generic RequestHandler from EmServer
2016-06-20 Azuladd Nickserver::Source as superclass
2016-06-20 Azulrefactor: separate em specifics from generic server
2016-06-15 azulMerge pull request #3 from azul/refactor/transport...
2016-06-15 Azulwe don't need FetchKeyInfo anymore including in Source
2016-06-14 Azulintroduce Hkp::Client
2016-06-14 Azuluse adapter for FetchKeyInfo
2016-06-11 Azuluse the adapter not EM in hkp source
2016-06-10 Azulturn Hkp::FetchKey into Hkp::Source
2016-06-09 Azulrefactor: remove EM specific stuff from Hkp::FetchKey...
2016-06-09 Azuladd Hkp::Source with same interface as CouchDB::Source
2016-06-09 Azulrefactor: introduce Hkp::Response
2016-06-09 Azulrefactor: inline method get_key_from_uid
2016-06-09 Azulmove hkp test to integration tests
2016-06-09 Azulrefactor: remove middleman Couch::FetchKey
2016-06-09 azulMerge pull request #2 from azul/rubocop
2016-06-08 Azulrefactor: use new couch_db classes from fetch_key
2016-05-25 Azuladd minitest/hell to the mix
2016-05-25 Azulsilence all warnings of webmock and evma_httpserver
2016-05-25 Azulfix our own warnings
2016-05-25 Azulsilence some warnings from evma_httpserver
2016-05-25 Azulmove nickserver_test to integration dir
2016-05-25 Azulsimplify KeyInfo. remove unneeded accessors
2016-05-25 Azulrun all tests by default
2016-05-25 Azulcopy over all files from rewritten attempt
2016-05-25 Azulrubocop: fix unused block params
2016-05-25 Azulrubocop: disable EndAlignment cop permanently
2016-05-25 Azulrubocop: fix deprecated class methods
2016-05-25 Azulrubocop: initialize and use ruby 1.9 hash syntax
2016-05-25 AzulVersion 0.3.0 0.3.0
2016-04-10 Azultravis: match production environment version/0.8
2016-04-10 Azultest: try latest rubygems and bundler
2016-04-10 Azultest: downgrad rubygems to fix issue with bundler
2016-04-10 Azulminor tweaks to hkp response parsing
2016-04-10 Azuladd test for 200 without matching keys
2016-04-10 Azuldeprecation: File.exists? -> File.exist?
2016-04-10 Azulbugfix: 404 if no key matches, fixes #6789
2016-04-10 Azullock down eventmachine version
2016-04-10 Azultest: initial travis setup
2014-11-24 elijahadd a sleep to restart. appears to finally resolve...
2014-10-29 elijahbind nickserver only to localhost
2014-10-29 elijahdon't try to remove pid file when we get a singal to...
2014-10-29 elijahcatch SIGINT and SIGHUP
2014-08-05 elijahadded how to test in readme
2014-08-05 elijahadded kkp_ca_file config option
2014-01-24 elijahupgraded gem requirements to most recent versions
2014-01-24 elijahfixed test by increasing the expiration date of some...
2013-12-24 elijahmove config file location to /etc/nickserver.yml 0.2.2
2013-08-22 elijahcall chown on log file, if appropriate
2013-08-22 elijahswitch to using identities db
2013-08-06 elijahfix crash when fetched key is rejected (e.g. too short...
2013-08-05 elijahfix bug with couchdb result parsing
2013-08-05 elijahadded 'foreground' start option (start, but don't daemo...
2013-05-20 elijahfix bug with empty request parameters
2013-05-20 elijahmany related changes -- allow command line configs...
2013-05-18 elijahset BUNDLE_GEMFILE env variable, if required.
2013-05-18 elijahif Gemfile.lock is present, then issue a Bundle.require
2013-05-18 elijah`nickserver status` must exit non-zero if it daemon...
2013-05-18 elijahadded minimal initscript
2013-05-18 elijahpass command name to
2013-05-18 elijahrolled custom daemon code to better match the way daemo...
2013-05-16 elijahadd CouchDB support.
2013-05-13 elijahs/sks_url/hkp_url
2013-05-13 elijahswitch to new api for nickserver (get or post, json...
2013-05-13 elijahadded config file
2013-05-12 elijahupdated README
2012-12-25 elijahadded nickserver daemon
2012-12-24 elijahremove cruft
2012-12-24 elijahinitial commit