2018-02-05 azulMerge branch 'feature/web-key-directory' into 'master' master
2018-02-05 Azulfeature: enamble wkd lookup feature/web-key-directory
2018-02-05 azulMerge branch 'feature/katzenpost-keys' into 'master'
2018-02-05 Azulfeature: hand out other key types like katzenpost keys
2017-11-07 azulMerge branch 'refactor/clarify-response' into 'master'
2017-11-04 Azulrefactor: turn Hkp::Response into KeyResponse refactor/clarify-response
2017-11-03 Azulfix: no expiration date means not outdated
2017-10-11 Azuldocs: update
2017-10-11 Azulstyle: more rubocop fixes
2017-09-23 azulMerge branch 'rubocop' into 'master'
2017-09-23 Azulstyle: avoid endless elsif in KeyInfo#error
2017-09-23 Azulrefactor: move error detection into key_info
2017-09-23 Azulstyle: more rubocop fixes
2017-09-23 Azulstyle: rubocop mostly auto-correct
2017-09-23 Azulwkd: implement basic lookup of keys through wkd
2017-09-23 azulMerge branch 'wkd' into 'master'
2017-09-22 AzulfiX: tests need different names, warnings
2017-09-22 Azulwkd: implement basic lookup of keys through wkd
2017-08-07 Azulupdate changelog version/0.10
2017-08-03 AzulVersion 0.10.0 0.10.0
2017-07-25 azulMerge branch 'test/nonexisting-domain' into 'master'
2017-07-25 Azultest: regression test for nonexisting domain
2017-07-24 azulMerge branch 'test/http-adapter' into 'master'
2017-07-24 Azultest: minor: add http adapter test
2017-07-24 azulMerge branch 'bugfix/name-resolution' into 'master'
2017-07-24 Azulfix: #3 handle domains without A-record
2017-07-24 azulMerge branch 'test/fd-count-tweak' into 'master'
2017-07-24 Azulminor: tweak file descriptor count test
2017-07-24 azulMerge branch 'upgrade/bundle' into 'master'
2017-07-24 azulMerge branch 'fix/fd-leak' into 'master'
2017-07-21 Azulfix: filedescriptor leak from http_adapters
2017-07-21 Azulupgrade: bundle
2017-07-21 Azulci: test bundle is up to date
2017-07-20 azulMerge branch 'upgrade' into 'master'
2017-05-11 Azulupgrade dependencies
2017-02-21 Azulgitignore: bundle dir
2017-01-17 varacRestart nickserver automatically from systemd
2017-01-16 varacAdd systemd service unit file
2016-12-05 Azulbugfix: send empty json object on 404 rather than nil version/0.9
2016-12-02 Azulbugfix: remote nicknym is on port 6425
2016-12-02 azulMerge branch 'bugfix/couch-auth' into 'master'
2016-12-02 Azuldebug: raise error on 401
2016-12-02 Azulbugfix: use user:password@ prefix in http basic auth
2016-12-02 Azulcleanup: old empty adapters and tests
2016-12-02 azulMerge branch 'test/debug-failures' into 'master'
2016-11-30 Azultest: more meaningful error messages in case of failures
2016-10-17 azulMerge branch 'release/0.9' into 'master'
2016-10-17 AzulVersion 0.9.0 0.9.0
2016-10-17 azulMerge branch 'feature/log-requests-and-errors' into...
2016-10-02 Azuldoc: prepara for 0.9.0
2016-10-02 Azulminor: gitignore byebug_history
2016-10-02 Azulminor: include Gemfile.lock
2016-10-02 Azuldoc: add sequence diagrams for high level overview
2016-10-02 Azulsilence Celluloid.logger in tests
2016-09-30 Azulchange default adapter to CelluloidHttp
2016-09-30 Azullogger: log celluloid errors to default log
2016-09-30 Azulminor: test: fix * interpreted as arg prefix warning
2016-09-30 Azullogger: log to STDOUT when run in foreground
2016-09-30 Azullogging: use proper logger
2016-09-29 Azuluse stderr for errors
2016-09-29 Azulskip tests with ConnectionErrors
2016-09-24 Azullog HTTP::ConnectionErrors, respond with json body
2016-09-24 Azuluse plain http.rb rather than celluloid i/o
2016-09-24 Azultest: rename so no name is duplicated
2016-09-23 Azulbasic logging and recovery from exceptions raised
2016-09-23 Azultest: some very basic functional tests
2016-09-23 azulMerge branch 'feature/deal-with-network-failures' into...
2016-09-22 Azulreturn nil on 404 in hkp source
2016-09-22 Azulhand on connection errors to dispatcher so it can handle it
2016-09-22 Azulfeature: 502 on ConnectionErrors
2016-09-21 Azuldoc: explain the purpose of different integration tests
2016-09-21 Azulfeature: activate nicknym lookup
2016-09-21 Azulrescue and track exceptions in handler chain
2016-09-19 Azulrefactor: separate handler chain from dispatcher
2016-09-16 Azulgitignore: vendor
2016-09-16 Azuldeal with network issues in nicknym source
2016-09-16 azulMerge branch 'bugfix/load-error-in-bin' into 'master'
2016-09-16 Azulbugfix: load order issue in server, include test
2016-09-16 azulMerge branch 'feature/query-leap-servers' into 'master'
2016-09-16 Azultest: properly test nicknym source + fixes
2016-09-12 Azultest: separate remote tests into own directory
2016-09-12 Azultest: first steps towards a remote nicknym test
2016-09-12 Azul[wip] nicknym source query implemented
2016-09-10 Azulrefactor: remove global require in test_helper
2016-08-31 Azulwip: key lookup by address via leaps nicknym
2016-08-30 Azulrefactor: make the RequestHandler classes callable
2016-08-30 Azulrefactor: rename EmailHandler to HkpEmailHandler
2016-08-30 Azulfeature: keep trying if no Host header given
2016-08-29 azulMerge branch 'refactor/request-handling' into 'master'
2016-08-29 Azulrefactor: split EmailHandler in 3
2016-08-29 Azulcleanup: remove outdated ideas
2016-08-29 Azulrefactor: let handlers check if they are applicable
2016-08-29 Azulrefactor: split up ResponseHandler
2016-08-29 Azulexpose Request class from RequestHandler
2016-08-27 Azulrefactor: push down adapter dependency injection to...
2016-08-26 Azulrefactor: split up RequestHandler even more
2016-08-26 Azulrefactor: Request helper class in RequestHandler
2016-08-26 azulMerge branch 'test/gitlab' into 'master'
2016-08-26 Azul[upgrade] ruby 2.3 on CI
2016-08-26 Azul[update] trying to silence warnings